What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’m in town for the real life Blizzard World this week: Blizzcon. And since weekends are also a great time for playing games, it seems like a perfect opportunity for one in particular.

A new Diablo would be nice, but my primary thought is seeing what happens when thousands of Switches ping each other looking for local multiplayer games. There should be no issue getting a group for Diablo 3: Eternal Collection, which I’ve been enjoying solo so far.

I’m low-key hoping it won’t be the only Switch announcement made tomorrow morning Aussie time – surely Hearthstone is making its way over at some point. Besides that, playing with a new Overwatch hero should be neat. Fingers crossed it’s not another super disruptive character built around a stun (hi Brigitte) or specialist movement that will take months before the general playerbase stops running into walls and accidentally rolling into teamfights too early.

Wait, Hammond is still doing that.

Anyway, that’s what’s keeping me busy this weekend. But what about yourselves? More Red Dead? Or catching up on something else?


  • Started a Bloodbowl 2 league on PS4 so will get into some of that.
    Assassin’s Creed Unity – nearing the climax of the story. Not sure if I’ll bother with much more than that. It’s good though.
    Red Dead – only just started. Put it on ice so I can push AC:U out of the way.
    Finished the story of Dungeon Travelers 2. Now for post-game!

    • I’m still playing through Unity. Good story. So hard not to just run round collecting chests. Need to smash it out then play Syndicate.

  • Something. Anything… maybe… If I can get my parts back from the RA gods and unbrick my gaming PC. I don’t want to spend a 5th weekend outside.

  • RDR 2 – Not far in.
    Spider-man DLC
    Some COD BLOPS 4 on the PC when the wife decides she wants the tv back. Small doses, pretty casual (and terrible).

    Have finished AC: Odyssey – all stories, mercs, cults, legendary animals. I will go back later to just enjoy the world more and go to places not yet explored. Kassandra is the best heroine for some time. While the writing may be the same between the two characters, her voice acting nuance brings a lot of life to her.

  • After having to rush through the ending of DeltaRune the night it came out I’m currently taking my time with it. But first I need to beat the secret boss… which I’m so very close to doing.

    Then I’ll probably be playing some Disgaea 1 Complete and Soul Calibur 6. Unless I play something else.

    • Dammit, forgot about Shadow of the Tomb Raider. About 50% done as well I reckon. It just got lost in the avalanche of other games.

      I want to like it more. It looks pretty, plays well, is slick and polished like the other games but I just can’t seem to really buy into it. Apparently, it is also easily forgettable.

      • Different writing team, and it shows.

        There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s technically very good, and it’s entertaining. But it’s not surprising, we pretty much get more of the same. I’ve had some wow moments with the new overhang climbing, and I’m starting to find the puzzles more challenging as I go through the game.

        But it’s not, so far at least, as refreshing and exciting as the last two.

        Bring back Rhianna Pratchett! 🙂

  • Couldn’t pass on the diablo 3 bargain at gamesmen, so that won’t be happening until Monday.

    So probably trying out the new hammer super weapon in splatoon.

    • Metro redux is great, enjoy!

      The first book is worth a read before you play if you haven’t done so already. 🙂

  • More AC Odyssey, maybe some Destiny.

    Am at the point 50 hours in where I just want to binge through some story missions rather than fully completing a region before moving on.

    • Dude, I totally wish I played more story than exploring as I’m max level now and the game is kind of broken. I wish open world games had a suggestion on when you should be doing the main story.

  • I’ll mostly be playing roller derby at a tournament in Melbourne, but I’m taking my Switch with me so probably some BotW in the car as well.

      • Just stick with it and you’ll get used to it. Even if the controls never click for you, it’s totally worth putting up with them. I’ve played a lot of trash early access games with garbage controls so RDR2 didn’t seem too clunky to me 😛

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