What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The other night, as I was putting together various GIFs and screenshots for the day, Fallout 76 decided that a fog would fall upon the town.

I'd seen the day night cycle in Fallout 76 before, but it was the first real-time experience I'd had that mirrored the shot in the photo. Wholesale changes in lighting are always a joy to behold. One of my favourite moments from games in the last few years is from Skellige in The Witcher 3, as the light breaks through the branches of trees swaying in the wind.

Fallout 76 doesn't have quite the same fidelity, although the first-person perspective adds a lot more to the experience when that change sets in.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to spending more time just absorbing the world. It feels a lot like an MMO so far, which I'm sure is not what Fallout fans really wanted, but I'm enjoying just wandering around.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Hopefully finish off Assassin's Creed Unity. There has just been a dramatic development in the story. Looking forward to seeing where it goes next. Oh, and *spoiler* Louis XVI just lost his head :-(

    Dungeon Travelers 2 grinding on Vita.

    Some Blood Bowl 2 league play (convinced my mate to get a PS4... LOL)


    I booted up the other night, wrapped up a mission and began arsing about. This turned into an 8hr session where I got great at acquiring perfect pelts, completed a bounty, found an orchid, burned through some challenges, did some fishing, upgraded my camp, lost at poker and hunted a legendary buck. I barely progressed in the story.

    I didn’t want to stop, but it was 3am. I’ve established such a satisfying gameplay loop of hunting, exploration, missions and upgrades, it’s now hard to tear myself away...

    An absolute classic.

    Australian Trucking Simulator.

    Wait, no, I'm actually driving a truck. Finishing up our house move...

      I'd enjoy an Australian Trucking Simulator. The scenery wouldn't vary all that much, granted, but driving a ridiculous road train across the Nullarbor would be fun for a few goes.

        Or just driving an Isuzu through the western suburbs while single-handedly trying to eat a pie that's slowly collapsing in the middle.

          It wouldn't be an Australian Trucking Simulator if there wasn't a button to road rage.

            I know this as fun and sarcasm but this sounds like it really has potential.
            - Eat-a-hot-pie-with-one-hand-while-driving-with-the-other minigame.
            - Complete your delivery in time to meet Bazza down at the pub.
            - Use the single-use Road Rage button to force other cars out of the way.

            Yeah I can see this happening.

              Cant be truly authentic though. As soon as you added an incentive for No Doze, it would be RC'd...

              On the other hand, add in a Maccas drivethrough and you instantly have a hardmode...

                I play this for reals as an NPC car crossing the West gate Bridge Mon -Fri

        One thing I used to hear a lot was how samey the outback is. Maybe at 120kph when you're looking at the road and the rest is a blur it is, but when you're cycling along and able to look around, it's constantly changing. Achingly beautiful especially in the early morning - red soil, blue haze from the gum scrub, yellow grass, green trees. It's like riding into a rainbow.

      Tell us your thoughts when you're done with the campaign. I might need to get the Interstate Edition next year...

    RDR2, Fallout 76, maybe some modded Minecraft but more likely I'll sit and stare at the screen wanting a game like Rimworld or Oxygen Not Included but not any of the ones that actually exist.

    My current plan is to finish up FFXV Pocket Edition and then jump in and check out what changes WOFF Maxima brings to the table.

    This has been growing on me of late so I might play some more StarCraft 1.

    Might even do so old school style on the PowerMac G4 I have sitting about (I have that version of the battle chess).

    I have so many games to finish, I just keep buying new stuff...

    I went back to wolfenstein 2 and noticed it had been patched and looks a bit better. It hasn't quite grabbed me the way doom did, and I keep ballsing up the stealth aspect.

    Paladins also just got gyro controls, so ima have a look at that. Smite also dropped for the switch, and I had fun in that way back when on the PC. Don't know if it's launching with gyro controls.

    And I still need to finish octopath traveller. Lovely game, super chill story, every time I come back to it it's charming as hell.

    Plus more multiplayer diablo, windjammers, and we've gotten into the real bout games (which feel totally different to garou).

    Heading to JB after work this afternoon to pick up Pokemon (switch charging on my desk) and maybe Fallout as well while I'm there. Still need to finish RDR2 but I can't help myself. There are games I want to play that I don't own and I can't handle that.

    Now that I have finished the not goty RDR2, I am going through my pile of shame to finally play Prey and maybe some Kill Team.

      What you rating RDR2? Not planning to pick up until after Xmas when I have time....and am in the mood.

        Characters and tech were great, would make an awesome animated movie, but gameplay wise it doesn't have a lot to offer.

        The controls are somehow less impressive than GTA5. The button to pick things up is the same as jumping and mounting; which if miss timed can result in a few mission failures that can leave you scratching your head. Horses feel unfun, there is no sense of speed to them because they simultaneously turn like garbage trucks at high speed and "drive assist" will constantly make your horse do the opposite of what you want (like not diving between two trees because the first one is close, but the second one isn't detected, resulting in you plowing into the second tree). Aiming is really unsatisfying and the button to fire is also the button to clear the chamber on repeater rifles, causing occasional misfiring.

        There are issues with daily events bugging out at certain times. An example off the top of my head is an instance where a store has a young lad trapped underneath calling for help through some bars. The game directs you to rob the store and ask to check the basement; to which I complied. After talking to the boy I decided I would take the shop keeper to the sheriff by hog tying him. Just as I was carrying him out the door the shop owner disappeared out of existence, the door locked and I was not able to return. The next day when the store opened the shop owner was hostile and the boy had despawned.

        The game needs some serious QoL work too. It constantly unequips your gear. It needs a better quick travel, the auto travel system doesn't seem to be much better than GTA5s taxi's, even though roads are a lot less messy, your horse will routinely get stuck on other road users. Legendary pelts literally despawn out of game if any event you didn't purposely trigger resets your horse (rip bear pelt).

        I think its a solid 7-8/10, but it definitely shouldn't beat GoW or Spiderman at the game awards.

          Damnnnnn...might pick up spidey instead! Thanks for the in depth frustation list.
          Gameplay wise ... can anything beat GOW for crispy clean gameplay.

            Probably not this year; if it doesn't win I would feel pretty jaded, worse still if RDR2 wins.

    Fallout 76 co-op with a mate on PC, we're both absollutely loving the game.

    Having played a few hours with a mate over the past few nights it is going to be a Fallout festival. Especially since another friend just bought a copy too and has done very little. A few hours wandering around the games start area with him and then off into the wild!
    I also have some base improvements I need to scrounge for...

    On a side, I am a Fallout fan, my first friend thinks the series is pretty good / OK and my second friend has never played it in his life. We are all really enjoying ourselves, so BIG RASPBERRY BLOW at the metacritic internet feral ghouls.

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    Hello Kitty Island Adventure!!!

    And no this is not a joke...

    I'm playing a riveting game called statistics and research reports. Possibly the new battletech if I have the time.

      Make time for Battletech. It isn't perfect, but the writing is solid and the nostalgia will kick in hard. Easily my favourite strat game of the year.

    Looking to finish Hitman 2 this weekend and probably smash some Escape From Tarkov

    Hopefully getting a decent go at Fallout 76 before BFV comes out next week and forces me to further ration my time between far too many games.

    Strange Brigade and finish off Transference....Been a great year for VR IMO.

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