What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm looking forward to some lovely, sociable board games this weekend, and a little bit of turkey.

Thanksgiving is typically an American-only holiday, although in recent times the idea of "Friendsgiving" (read: hang out, eat too much, get drunk on a weekend).

You know, what Aussies do anyway.

The Friendsgiving I go to every year often features a lot of board games, which is a wonderful way to spend it. So I'm hoping to sit down, get my arse kicked at Azul - I think the score between me and Tegan is 1-20 so far - and just have a good time. Playing some Fallout: The Board Game would be neat too, although I don't know how much time people want to spend on one game. Santorini is nice and quick though.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I'm playing the, get the lounge painted and assemble all the flat pack furniture from Ikea before Christmas, game

      Such a fun game.

      *spoiler* The IKEA part sometimes has an undocumented hardcore mode where parts are missing. They don't advertise it, it seems to be a fluid public event that happens randomly.

      And typically when there are no NPC's around to advance the quest.

        It's okay. I'll use an online guide to help me advance =P

    I will be playing a lot of Clank! and then i'll probably go back to playing RDR2 again to off more O'Driscolls, or web swinging back to NY for the spidey dlc.

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    Neverwinter Nights on Android has been released [beta, but it is already fantastic!], so I'll probably be playing through SoU in my spare time.

    Red Dead 2 for me. Taking it slow in Chapter 4 and just enjoying the scenery and collecting pelts for the Legend of the East satchel, just the cougar pelt left for that. After that probably the challenges and a few main missions sprinkled in.

    I got a good Black Friday deal on the Codblops so I'm probably gonna play Blackout all weekend.

    Also can we please not adopt Thanksgiving in Australia? It's bad enough that Halloween is a thing here now, and while I took advantage of Black Friday today, I'd be okay with that not being a thing also.

      Blackout is great fun albeit a Just 1 more round time sink.
      My tip - A good pair of headphones!

    Just picked up Warframe on the switch since I can now play it with a controller without being utterly useless.

    The motion controls are actually pretty good once you crank them to max, and the only issue I'm having is with the huge, unadjustable deadzones for the sticks.

    Hopefully panic button or DE is on the case, but it's still very playable due to the gyro.

    Probably finish with Assassin's Creed Unity this weekend. Some Blood Bowl 2 multiplayer as well.

    On Vita I'm in post-game on Dungeon Travelers 2, but I can see myself grinding on that for at least another 100+ hours.

    I AM FINALLY GOING TO FINISH ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY GODDAMMIT. A handful of story missions and one non-story Achievement (Tier 1 merc) to go.

    Speaking of non-video-games, bought myself a copy of Azul and it arrived this week! Looking forward to cracking into that. Played around with the tiles and they are indeed satisfyingly quality. Also picked up the final copy of Keyforge starter pack that my local shop had going, *phew*.

    Short story shorter: reading about both on this website cost me money.

    Mostly I'll be playing New Game+ Nightmare mode in World of Final Fantasy Maxima but I also want to check out the SNK 40th Anniversary collection. I've also been wanting to check out Warframe and Smite so I may just end up chasing too many hares and end up with nothing to show.

    We'll be playing our usual weekly game of Gloomhaven, followed by some new Friedemann Friese games. They are in the Fast Forward series, so you don't have a rule book, just start and the game explains itself. I've played Fortress from the same series, and it's gone over well with 2 groups.

    My gaming pile is growing stronger, bought RDR2 on launch day but haven't played it, today bought God of War and Spiderman both for $69 and i have Hitman 2 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider waiting to be played on the PC.

    So many games and not enough time.

      RDR2, GOW and Spiderman are my three GOTY contenders, so quite the selection :)

    Just bought myself a PS4 Pro on sale at JB. From what I hear, it'll probably take all weekend to transfer the data over from my old PS4, so I probably won't be playing much at all. If I do, it'll probably be BF5, which I'm loving so far.

    Red Dead (is Bae), and maybe doing some more editing on the final pass of my second novel :3

    Nothing, too busy this weekend (booo). Did see The Forest quietly dropped on PS4 this week, keen to check that out.

    I'd like to say I'm going to play some Factorio, but actually I'm more likely to spend the weekend watching extremely satisfying videos of people who are better at Factorio than me.

    We are off to explore Star Citizen 3.3.6!

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