What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is a beautiful, wonderous time for catching up on video games. Particularly games you couldn't get to beforehand, for various reasons.

One of those ones in particular is Battlefield V, which initially refused to launch because I hadn't updated to the latest version of drivers for the graphics cards I was using. You can't chop and change drivers when you're in the middle of testing, but now that that's finally done, I can actually launch Battlefield 5 at home.

So that opens up a whole bunch of things I've been keen to see: the rest of the campaign I couldn't play before, what ray tracing looks like in a released game, and how well the performance holds up now that DICE has released a few patches.

Another game I've been working through is Pokemon: Let's Go!. I'm working on a special playthrough for a story. It's taking me longer than I'd like, because the conditions of the playthrough are really dumb, but I'm having a lot of fun butting my head against the game. But more on that next week.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Battlefield V, my first time to the series, having an absolute blast.

    Might try to cheeze some of the achievements on the singleplayer campaign this weekend before they patch it.

    I've been grinding Trauma Center Under the Knife 2 all week in anticipation of Awesome Games Done Quick. So this weekend is time for a welcome break, where I'm going to finally check out Artifact and Hitman 2. Oh and more Dead Cells. That game is ridiculous in all the right ways.

      Oh god how I miss trauma center!

        The odds of Atlus ever making another one look pretty slim. The good news is that that doesn't stop the games that are already out from existing. Plus they're only like $20 on ebay.

        We've got a small community of speedrunners that play them and if you follow the games on Twitch, it's not rare to see someone do a casual playthrough (normally of Second Opinion or New Blood).

          Oh I have them, and play them, and love them. I just want mooooore!

          The switch could totally do both the ds style and wii style controls. Multi-touch support of the capacitive display could add a new twist!

          I'm so booting up the ds when I get home today.

            Use two styluses. It's faster :)

              Yeah, it's good. I used to draw art on miiverse that way too.

    Going for the Platinum in AC Unity. Done all the multiplayer stuff and now finishing off the social club missions. Then I'll finish the single-player missions and finally (shudder) opening every chest in Paris. It's been pretty good, although the lack of precision in the parkour has driven me batty a few times.

    Still grinding Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita.

    Might get in a game or two of Blood Bowl 2 on PS4. I've started a Chaos Dwarf team :-)

    Most likely going to try wrapping up my TW:Warhammer 2 High Elf campaign, play some Pokemon Let's Go on the couch/in bed, and maybe I'll butt my head against RDR2's Online mode again, but it's far more likely I'll better enjoy spending meditative 'grind time' on Warframe instead. (RDR2O beta is equal parts boring and frustrating at the moment, to the point that it kinda drowns out the 'fun'.)

    Could possibly do Diablo on the Switch instead of Pokemon, and might just install Hitman if I'm seeking some novelty.

    Mass Effect: Andromeda. Picked it up for $9 during black Friday sales.

    Let me start of by saying that I have never played a Mass Effect game before, but I'm 40 hours in and I am absolutely LOVING this game, I really cannot work out why it got so much negative feedback (apart from the ordinary facial animations).

    I've been taking my time, reading every datapad entry & email, listening to every NPC's dialogue options & I'm not rushing through the main story line. So far I've been very very impressed and am extremely sad that I didn't play the original trilogy. Lets hope for a remaster release!

      Man, Mass Effect 2 is in my top 5 of all time. SUCH a great game. I hope you get to play it.

      Would be interested to hear what you thought of the original trilogy after playing that one first. Maybe track them down and give them a go, too?

    This used to be the section where i would put the token "world of warcraft" but thats become world of snorecraft lately so i will hopefully (after getting some christmas shopping done) be playing some more Pokemon Let's Go or Diablo on the Switch :) I only just got the switch last week and im in love with it :)

    Put some more time into Pokemon and then back to AC Odyssey. I should probably give the RDR2 multiplayer a go at some point.

    I just got my hands on a free CRT, so the psx is getting dusted off for some point blank!

    I'm still so salty that the PB games were never ported to the wii, and it's actually worse that the DS got a port!

    I'll probably binge on Fallout 76 again while trying to convince myself to pay some attention to BFV as well.

    NBA 2k19 for me. I finally 100%'d Spidey, so I don't feel up to diving into a new "big" game. Looking forward to trying free SOMA, and also thinking I need to try Alien Isolation for some reason.

    As wise as it would be to wait at least 6 months... I'm diving into X4

    Let's Go Pikachu with the kiddo, we are having fun in our first 100% co op game. I spent last night making a pumpkin pie so gaming this weekend and tonight hopefully.

    Just remembered we have a wedding on Saturday. Morning and Sunday arvo should be able to find some more game time. We are part way up the tower in Lavendar City.

    X4 : Foundations comes out on saturday morning and looks surprisingly stable for an Egosoft game at release, having viewed a pile of twitch streamers playing it in the last few days. I will start laying the foundations of my space empire if all goes well.

    I started playing Warframe recently so I'm currently working on unlocking planets with Phobos and Ceres being my current targets. (Yes, they're moons...) Though once I get to Phobos I can start farming Plastids so I will probably work towards a Rhino suit so I can at least start earning suit experience again and raise my Mastery Rank a little faster.

    Red Dead Redemption 2, AKA “Animal Crossing - Violent Cowboy Edition.”

    Speaking of which, The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs makes an awesome companion piece IMO :)

    Might also knock over a couple of horror movies while the gf is out of town.

    RDR2 is finally sinking its claws into me (just started chapter 3) so probably that. Also Forza 4 and maybe some Hitman 2 (but god i'm terrible at the Hitman games - just terrible).

    Xenoblade Chronicles X, now that Red Dead is done.

    Octopath Traveler. Just finished getting all 8 characters, and have been working on my protagonists story. I was playing this morning before work and had to leave during a boss fight. Gonna jump right back into it after the gym tonight.

    The D2 Forsaken campaign, gonna get that started (and finished? Is it not long? No idea)

    Destiny - saving up completed bounties for next week, maybe some Shattered Throne runs, a raid if we're lucky and schedules align. Other than that, a colleague recently started playing Diablo 3, which prompted me to dive back in and start a seasonal character. And, if I get some time with all that, some Hitman.

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