What Battlefront 2 Looks Like Before It’s Pretty

What Battlefront 2 Looks Like Before It’s Pretty

If nothing else, DICE knows how to make things look pretty. That’s the one thing the Battlefront games have always got down pat. But what does that all look like before it comes together?

DICE has posted some work in progress shots from their level editor, showing how the upcoming Geonosis level is coming together. It’s basically a straight screenshot of what the Frostbite editor looks like, showing some placeholder AT-TEs, radio towers, and the general lay of the land.

Here’s what it looks like when a character is dropped into a placeholder world, purely for testing animations (Obi-Wan Kenobi, in this case).

And an AT-TE stomping around a placeholder level:

None of this is new or especially revealing, but it’s always nice to peer behind the veil of how games are made. DICE and EA have shown some in-progress work talks before, talking about their photogrammetry tech, both in a blog post and a GDC talk.

A shot of Tatoooine coming together for the Battlefront reboot, taken from a DICE talk about photogrammetry at GDC 2016.

So for those who are hugely into this stuff, it’ll come as no surprise. But there are plenty of people who are completely unfamiliar with what the building blocks of a level looks like, and what developers have to deal with every day.

If you want to know more about the thought process behind Geonosis, head to the DICE blog here. The map is due out on November 28.


  • Pretty cool stuff, i do enjoy behind the scenes stuff like this.

    But it’s got to be asked, where are the loot boxes?

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