YouTube Is Available On The Switch Now

Parents, kiss your Switch goodbye. Already occupied by small children for their dose of Fortnite and (soon to be) Pokemon, now little critters have one more reason to never let the console go: YouTube has arrived.

The app becomes the first one available for Australians and New Zealanders that supports something other than playing games. Americans have had access to Hulu, which isn't as big as Netflix, Stan or Amazon Prime in Australia anyway.

The Switch YouTube app won't let you download videos or files for offline viewing, which is a bit of a shame for travellers. You'll need to use the JoyCons to scrub through most of the UI, although some touchscreen support is enabled for skipping backwards and forwards.

Lacking that offline support is a killer for long haul flights, although lately I've found the Switch has been vastly superior to dealing with the antiquated touchscreens on a 747. But the real question, Nintendo: when can I get AnimeLab on my Switch? I need to know.


    It's okay so far, if Netflix came as well that would be really great.

    Weirdly Hulu went live on the switch exactly one year ago.


    AnimeLab, Netflix and Crunchyroll would be the holy trinity for me. Despite the fact I have basically no time to watch anything these days.

    Yes. This is what I wanted.

    Now all we need is a Twitch app and the Switch will be perfect.

    I can't imagine having any use for this, unless maybe I wanted to put a youtube video on the TV for some reason.

      That's probably a pretty good use case.

        Albeit an unlikely one, since nearly everything I watch on youtube is just a brief thing randomly linked in discord and not worth that kind of effort.

      I'm subscribed to a few interesting educational channels and just random interesting stuff (Smarter Every Day, Tom Scott, Real Engineering, Binging with Babish) and these all work really well on TV. I wouldn't use my Switch though, navigating and typing on a phone is much better and you can just cast it.

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