A Glorious New Batgirl Figure Is Swinging Into Action

A Glorious New Batgirl Figure Is Swinging Into Action
Barbara as her eye on something...crime, probably. Crime’s a good bet. (Photo: Sideshow Collectibles)

Sideshow’s “premium format” line of DC figurines is getting some much-needed reinforcements—and this time it’s not from the Dark Knight, but one of his greatest allies: Barbara Gordon herself!

As part of Sideshow Collectibles’ 12 Days of Sideshow festive reveals, io9 is excited to give you the very first look at the company’s upcoming Premium Format Batgirl. The figurine depicts Barbara in her grey, black, and yellow-accented Batsuit as she dramatically flutters through a warehouse window, on the hunt for the criminals of Gotham City.

Nana nana nana nana, Batgirl! (Photo: Sideshow Collectibles)

“Batgirl is such an important member of the Bat Family, so her pose and cape reflect that, invoking the imagery of the Bat Logo itself,” Sideshow art director Dave Igo told us over email. “With this version of Batgirl we wanted to try something different with her, where she’s kicking in through a warehouse window, coming down breaking up some crime-boss play-date get-together. It really tells a whole story by looking at it.”

Price and release details on the Premium Format Batgirl are being kept under wraps for now, but if you’re interested in adding Barbara to your shelf, you can RSVP to be kept in the loop about when preorders open on Sideshow’s website.

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