A Look At Smash Bros. Ultimate's New Characters

Now that Smash Bros. Ultimate is finally here, and I've gotten over being shook by it, I asked our resident Smash Bros. expert Cecilia D'Anastasio to give me a quick rundown of the new characters and their new movesets.

Joining the already massive roster are a handful of characters that all have some unique moves and amazing little touches to their respective animations. Isabelle summons a sign from the ground that launches opponents in the air, and Ridley can slide across the entire stage using players like a snow sled. Even Inkling girl has to jump into the ground in squid form to reload her ink blaster, just like in Splatoon.

If you want a deeper dive with some more helpful guidance through Smash Bros. Ultimate, check out Cecilia's tips. Now, it's time for me to unlock all of these characters and practice for this weekend's festivities.

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    I've been maining Inkling them I unlocked them in Spirit Mode & love them to bits. Still trying to find Isabelle though.

    One thing my nephew and I were pissing ourselves laughing at yesterday. King K. Rool floating around with a raccoon tail. Hilarious!!

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