All The 'Dirty Words' In Leisure Suit Larry's Source Code

Of all the strange things we've seen this year, here's one of the better ones: a live-reading of Leisure Suit Larry's source code, including all of the banned "dirty words".

Filmmaker and archivist Jason Scott has been reading the Leisure Suit Larry source code for over eight hours. The whole thing is part of a charity drive to generate funding for the Internet Archive, Video Game History Foundation and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and comes after an attempted auction of the Leisure Suit Larry source code was shut down.

Scott, who's dressed a little like Larry, is reading through the code line by line with occasional breaks to explain some of the logic. At one point during the stream, he hit the part where all of the "dirty words" were contained.

Here's Scott reading all the banned "dirty words", plus the synonyms. He really puts a lot of effort into it.

Great stuff. Scott's already gone through code relating to the buying and use of condoms, code relating to specific rooms in the game, and at the time of writing, he's talking about all sorts of variables.


    Haha I love Jason Scott. Think I found my new ringtone!

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