Apple Pulls Strategy Game Because It Features The Taliban

Apple Pulls Strategy Game Because It Features The Taliban

Not for the first time, and not for the last either, a strategy game on the App Store has been removed because it featured “people from a specific government or other real entity as the enemies”. In this case, the Taliban.

Apple’s long-standing and long-stupid policy has been affecting historically accurate (or at least historically related) games for years now; as far back as 2011, when Pacific Strike was yanked for featuring Japanese flags.

The latest victim is Slitherine’s Afghanistan ‘11, a port of a PC game that came out last year. A somewhat hardcore strategy game, which involves all kinds of “hearts and minds”, recon, supply and intel work alongside combat, it was removed from the App Store earlier today

It’s the same story as 2015, when Ultimate General: Gettysburg was yanked from the App Store for having the audacity to be a game about the Civil War and feature Confederate flags.

It’s tiring asking/hoping for Apple to change this, so instead of wasting your energy on that, go play these games somewhere else. Afghanistan ‘11, for example, is better on PC anyway.

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