Australian Streamer MrDeadMoth In Custody After Hitting His Wife On Stream

Australian Streamer MrDeadMoth In Custody After Hitting His Wife On Stream
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The Twitch community was appalled when live on stream MrDeadMoth seemed to physically hit his (apparently pregnant) wife live on stream – all in front of their child.

When his Fornite stream was interrupted by his wife the twitch streamer appeared to attack her multiple times. The clip from his stream shows the streamer arguing with his partner and telling her to leave him alone, before escalating into violence off screen. A loud slap can be heard, along with a woman and child crying.

Twitch Streamer Apologises For Beating His Partner During Livestream

A streamer and prominent player within the NBA 2K16 community has publicly apologised this afternoon for beating his partner during a livestream.

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According to Youtuber Keemstar, both MrDeadMoth and his wife were taken into custody and charged – however other sources (like the hacker Cylint) have tweeted that the charges against the woman have since been dropped.

Officers from Camden Police, in Western Sydney, were contacted by a viewer of the live stream on Sunday night – around 8:30 PM. The Police arrived on scene later that night and arrested MrDeadMoth.

He will appear in Camden Local Court on Thursday.

Thankfully Twitch and Twitter have come down on the streamer hard – banning his accounts and sending a message to all users about this kind of unacceptable behaviour.

If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic violence, you can contact the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1800 656 463 or the 1800Respect national sexual assault, domestic and family violence hotline.


  • Utter scumbag.

    He isn’t a man, He is a coward and a child. His child is more of an adult than him. Real men don’t domestically abuse their partners.

    • That’s the tragedy of it, though.

      He IS a man. He’s not some monstrous outlier, or someone with developmental issues. A child lashes out impulsively because they haven’t yet learned how to choose better ways of dealing with negative emotions. Men like this asshole commit violence because they enjoy the feeling of power, and feel that they have the right to dominate and scare their loved ones. It’s deliberate. The suburbs are ripe with men–ordinary men who work their jobs and have mates and hobbies and all–who have gotten it into their heads that this is how you treat the people you are supposed to love. We have lost more than one woman a week to men just like him this year alone. Gods know how many women and children have “walked into doors” because of such men.

      He’s also a coward and a scumbag, of course. May he come to a full understanding of what he is, and what he’s done, and burn with the shame of it for the rest of his life.

      • He didn’t do anything wrong though he said about 32 times that he would be out soon and he tried to do it calmly. Meanwhile she physically abused him 6 times and when he finally hit her it was only a 1 hand slap. Not to mention she was trying to be as loud as possible so that the twitch stream would think she was in the wrong. All he did was defend himself he wasn’t even angry considering as he was capable of calmly saying to his daughter that he was coming. He tried to be calm which all he got was abuse. I hate that women can abuse men all they want but the minute a man hits a woman its the worst thing in the world

        • Yeah, that’s why the police charged her with assault … no, wait. They didn’t.

          Congratulations on being part of the problem. I hope you come to the same set of realisations I wished for him.

          • Actually, they didnt charge her because, like you, they are a female apologist when it comes to domestic abuse.

            Both of these idiots should be charged, and anyone who says differently for either side is part of the problem.

          • Yes, I’m sure the fact that they had evidence, and are trained in analysing it, and were there, unlike you, had nothing to do with it.

            You bellend.

          • I mean come on, shes clearly baiting him. As a male who has been on the other side of abuse, this is what it looks like. Stelae: have you watched the full video of this altercation? She incites, and escalates every encounter they had. He wants to finish his game of Fortnite. She tells him dinner was ready an hour ago, then when he says yes ill be down soon, starts throwing things at him. Throwing objects is assault, plain and simple. Does he immediately retalliate? No. He tells her he’s gonna be done soon and let him be. She then treats him like a juvenile and counting for him to get off the computer and laughing at what little reaction he gives her. She is feeding off this. She continues to throw stuff, again assault, a couple more object throws and he finally gets up and slaps her. Now is that okay? No, he probably should have left the situation and gone somewhere else, but in the heat of the moment he did it. She cries (louder than her telling him to get off the computer) for all of 30 seconds before continuing to bait him into reacting, she smacks his computer, reinstigating, and smacks his computer stuff (offscreen), and again (knowing full well she’s being recorded) says you beat women. Then 10 seconds after the second slap, with full composure, says Do they know you hit your pregnant wife? She knows the video is gonna play in her favor, because in the vast majority of cases involving domestic issues, women are given such preferential treatment. After every hit he just sat back down at his computer and told her he was gonna be out soon.

    • You aren’t a man if you are incapable of dealing with your partner without resorting to violence or abuse. If you are incapable of that you are no different to an ape.

      • Keep in mind that it is a two way street. Women are less likely to physically abuse a partner but verbal abuse is still a form of abuse. The moral of the story should be a general “Don’t abuse your partner/family.” (kids are easy targets for parents)

        • The latest data seems to indicate that women are just as likely, if not more, to physically abuse their partner. Men still make up the majority of injuries caused, however,

        • I see what you’re saying, but they are not moral equivalents. Whether somebody is verbally abusing you can be obvious, but it can also be open to interpretation. A physical assault is more often unequivocal. A victim of verbal abuse can also more easily extricate themselves from the abuser. Physical assault is more often perpetrated by somebody with more power than the abused and by somebody in control of the abused. So yes, while the sentiment thayt we shouldn’t abuse each other is right, physical and verbal abuse are not moral equivalents.

        • Good day sir, according to the stats I believe you are incorrect (no citation provided, nor will I find one. you may correct me with evidence if you wish)

          It’s about 50/50 as in 50% of cases the person being physically violent is the female. In about 50% of the cases the instigator is the female etc.

          Anyone can be a scumbag.

      • you missed the point. Its not about being a ‘real man’. Its about being a decent HUMAN. Sex dose not even factor in to it, and every time someone dose that it just makes them look sexist.

  • Disgusting behavior.
    Keep your hands to yourself!

    If you are a victim of physical abuse report it immediately. Any form of physical abuse is unjustifiable and does not fit with Australian law or social norms.

  • What a piece of shit, hopefully he serves a fair bit of time with some charming fellows that don’t believe in personal space.

    • While we’re talking about entrenched and unhealthy attitudes, can we stop wishing rape on people? Prison rape isn’t funny and isn’t a punishment we should be wishing on people.

      • Ummm no, sorry. As someone that was a child in a home with a piece of shit father like him, no backsies. People like him get worth by exerting physical power over anyone bellow them strength wise, bet being bummed in a shower somewhere would humble him.

        • That’s a terrible experience that nobody should have to endure. Sorry it happened to you.

          But I can’t agree. The idea that “corrective rape” is ever ok just isn’t on the cards for me.

          • Corrective rape is really odd to me like I am saying it should be a positive thing rather than an adequately horrendous punishment.

          • It’s a term used by incels to describe how they should cure women of their sluttiness and save society from downfall. Think of it like when they do the whole “scare the kids straight” thing, except it’s more like “brutally rape people until they’re so psychologically broken that they become pliant.”

          • I don’t understand the implication then, are you saying I am an incel? I sympathise with some of the ones that are socially/mentally stunted for reasons outside of their control, but otherwise think its edge lord stupidity.

          • I’m not calling you an incel. I was telling you where the phrase came from.

            I used that phrase because it’s comparable. No matter what crime a person committed (or in the case of icnels, you think committed), weaponising sexual assault is never, ever a positive step. I understand the wish to punish, but it’s torture, plain and simple. If we punish people by committing (or encouraging) acts we deem monstrous, how are we any better?

        • When you wish prison rape upon someone, you are also wishing that a convicted rapist gets to continue committing rapes.
          It’s not cool.

    • Dang seriously, that is next level. Why bother having children if your not going to put in the work to raise them into awesome human beings.

    • To be fair I’m sure a lot of parents (male and female) have thought and said the same a lot of times. Because lets be honest a lot of kids (basically all of them at some point) are annoying and they fuck up your day. They bring other benefits and you can still love them, but they still mess up your day from time to time.

      That said, could his daughter actually hear the comment? If she could then it’s over the line. I have no problems with people thinking their kids are annoying, or even saying their kids are annoying – but only when their kids can’t hear it.

      • Absolutely kids can be annoying but nothing is worse than a gamer that flies off the handle because their kid is asking for something. Being AFK is just a fact of life for a parent with this hobby

        • Yeah exactly. As a WoW player who’s played with the same people over ten years or more it’s pretty common to hear “sorry gotta go change a nappy” or “Kids crying brb”. And often people will have a bitch about their “annoying little shits” but it’s usually said with at least a little affection.

      • but isn’t that usually because it’s hard to prove the abuse they have some pretty compelling video evidence this time…. fingers crossed?

        • No, it’s because common assult is a very low tier crime. If you have a clean record before the event and if it was only minor (no hospitalisation etc needed) it will most likely be a 3 year good behaviour bond.

  • I’m glad this scumbag has been arrested, but my question is, how did the police know where to find him?
    The report says a viewer reported him, but i thought personal details of streamers are supposed to be private? Perhaps he was already known to police or there is more to this story i.e the wife called them.

    • Wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that the city and real name of the streamer wouldn’t be difficult to find. From there you can call the police and they can find out the rest

      • Could also be likely some of his viewers might be close enough to him via discord and such that they might know such information/ Be on a first name basis.

  • Well, it’s up on the Sydney Morning Herald. I’ll refrain from watching the video, but it sounds far far worse than what was reported here from the description of the recorded events.

    • You’re probably better off watching the video yourself if you’ve got the stomach for it. The SMH article is, perhaps unsurprisingly, chock full of distortions.

  • Whether she’s pregnant or not, you just don’t hit your partner (or anyone for that matter). The only relevance her potential pregnancy status comes into this is it is unfortunate if she is having a(nother?) child with this deadbeat.

  • yeah if you watch the video it’s not just some once off thing.. regardless of what she does, he repeatedly gets up and cracks her one. It’s actually quite horrifying to hear her and the kid crying every 50 seconds after he loses it. This guy needs some jail time to see what it’s like to be the smaller person who can’t fight back.

  • I can understand the guy getting frustrated. If you watch the full clip, the lady is throwing things at him before he gets up. Several times he’s dodging projectiles that she’s chucked at him.

    But, I don’t give a fuck how frustrated you are, you never ever hit your partner. And in front of your kid? Holy shit. I hope he gets everything he deserves.

    • While I absolutely agree in principle, I really think the whole story needs to be known before people make judgments. Especially when you say the woman is throwing stuff at the guy. To me that says there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than just this one incident.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the guy was right. I just think that we don’t know everything that’s been happening off screen for days/weeks/months that led to this. The guy could be at least somewhat justified, or he could be even worse than we think. We just don’t know at this point.

      • Exactly, we don’t know the history. She’s throwing things at him, she is an active participant in the violence. I’m not saying he was defending himself, but like you said we don’t know the background.

  • This “man” is more of a child than my ten year old, who also throws the occasional tizzy when told to turn off Fortnite for dinner.

  • That is…unpleasant watching. To be fair there’s emotional abuse going both ways. Still absolutely no excuse for violence though – or any abuse for that matter.

  • if the wife was throwing shit at him why does it seem everyone thinks it will work out fine for the kids alone with her from now on?

    edit: nvm she is with her mother now apparently so it seems she has some support which is good to hear

  • As a woman this really pisses me off, but not for the reasons that you lot are getting all upset about.

    Rather than watching the 30sec clip the news is showcasing, watch the 7minute clip.

    That woman is abusing him, throwing shit at him, knocking stuff off his desk, trying to unplug the PC. Standing there for 7min straight knowing he’s filming live on the internet because she wants him to eat dinner then and there. He repeatedly said yes i’ll be off soon leave him alone. She’d not take that as an answer.

    Did you guy’s jump straight to white knighting and completely miss the narcissistic manipulative and controlling behaviour of the woman? Who throws things at their SO when you know everything is being broadcast? She’s treating him like a child and going out of her way to make a scene by throwing things.

    He is definitely not in the right, lashing out and hitting someone is not the answer however that woman was in his face constantly, pushing and pushing and pushing. She’s cleared of any wrong doing and everyone feels sorry for her because she’s the “victim” and he’s the big bad woman beater that lashes out for no reason.

    You cant act like that towards your partner in a way that you’re abusing them, physically by throwing things and emotionally by acting like your partner is a three year old child disobeying your orders to eat dinner and not expect that situation to turn to poop when one or the other reaches breaking point.

    But for heckin’s sake don’t act like he’s the sole bad guy when she’s just as guilty as him.

    • Nothing of that excuses physical violence, nor calling her a “dog” while rubbing on her face that he’s the one that pays the bills. I’m not justifying what she did, but saying “both sides are just as guilty” when there was one side who clearly escalated matters beyond acceptable always strikes me as shady.

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