Oh Hell Yeah It's Tank O'Clock In Battlefield V

I’ve enjoyed Battlefield V so far, but it’s about to get the one thing it’s been short on since launch: a massive increase in the number of tank-related fatalities.

Starting tomorrow, the game’s first major update will be available, and it’s notable for two things. The first is the addition of another singleplayer War Story, about a Tiger commander fighting out the last days of his war. Almost all of the existing singleplayer stuff has been about infantry combat (and has been good), so this’ll make for a nice change.

Battlefield V's Singleplayer Is A Nice Surprise

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The tanks are the best part of Battlefield 5's prologue.

There’s also a new map called PANZERSTORM that is 110% about tanks rolling around grass blowin’ stuff up.

Here are some truths: the two best maps in Battlefield history are Battleield 3's Caspian Border and Battlefield Heroes’ Seaside Skirmish.

Why? Because they are playgrounds for tanks, and tanks are the best/my favourite part about Battlefield. Their scale and power are, more than anything else, what sets this series apart from rivals like Call of Duty, and they are never not fun to roar around in blowin’ stuff up.

So yes, a tank-specific map called PANZERSTORM this could be some fun. The update will be free to everyone who already has Battlefield V.


    I remember playing Desert Storm with a friend in 04. Tanks were the most fun ever that long ago too.

      yeah desert storm mod playing on the El Alamain map was pure joy

    Ya'll know the update's been delayed yeah?

    There's been a notification in BFV since at least time of publication yesterday.

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