Here's A Chunk Of Beyond Good And Evil 2 Gameplay

It's the 15th anniversary of Beyond Good and Evil, which is a nice time to get a look at some actual gameplay from Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Ubisoft livestreamed a bunch of footage overnight. It's the same structurally as what journalists and content creators saw at E3, but with the addition of community content (some of which was on display on a wall at E3).

A key feature shown off was the drop-in, drop-out online co-op. It's still primarily a singleplayer experience, although Ubisoft kicked off gameplay footage (from 17:40) in an abandoned temple.

There was a lot of use of the spyglass, which functions like a combination of binoculars and Batman/Witcher spidey sense, and some of the open-world exploration. The gameplay then transitioned out of the temple smoothly into Ganesha City, where players can supposedly drive any vehicle and land anywhere in the city.

If you want a commentated, cut-down version of the livestream, Ubisoft also produced a four minute video highlighting just the mechanics and general features.

The entirety of System 3 is split into seven sectors: Kailasa, Dyaus, Agni, Surya, Narak, Lost Ark of Manu and Ganga. Each of those sectors has multiple planets within, although we'll have to wait until the game is closer to launch to get an idea of how much there is for players to explore on each individual planet.

Still, it's nice to see more BGE2 in the flesh. I'm all for more space opera games, although having seen more of the footage, I'm also not expecting to see this game anytime soon within the next two years. Take your time, Ubi.


    Watching the in game footage makes me feel as though Starlink was made as a test for BG&E2's flight mechanics or used to the basic engine from BG&E2 to take a lot of the work out of Starlink.

      Probs a bit of both.


        If taking an engine form one game makes it quicker &/or easier to make another than you'd take it.

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