Bioware Teases Dragon Age 4

BioWare’s Dragon Age series, which has been quiet since 2014, is back with a brand new game and a very short trailer to go with it. Though as we’ve already reported, we shouldn’t expect it any time soon.

BioWare Doubles Down On Anthem As Pressure Mounts

Over the past few months, BioWare has essentially transformed into a single-game studio as it harnesses its teams to work on the ambitious multiplayer action game Anthem, sources say. There are still small teams maintaining Star Wars: The Old Republic and piecing together the next Dragon Age, which was recently rebooted, but the bulk of BioWare's staff in both Edmonton and Austin are now on Anthem. And there's a sense among BioWare employees that the company's future is inextricably tied to this game.

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Having recently been rebooted, Dragon Age 4 is still very early in development, but the trailer shown tonight at the Game Awards at least gives us a look at ... well, not much. Just a short voice-over and a hashtag referencing Solas.

But hey, that’s something!

In a follow-up blog post on Bioware’s site, executive producer Mark Darrah says “While we won’t be sharing any details for now, I can tell you we have been building a new team around a core of Dragon Age veterans, people I’ve worked with on Dragon Age, Jade Empire, and some of whom I’ve worked with since the Baldur’s Gate days.”


    Hope I get to cleave that annoying sod Solas in half, finally.

      Personally I'm hoping we can side with him.

        I neither want to kill him, or side with him.
        But i doubt very much youll be able to side with him considering his wants.

    Oh man Bioware... Bioware don't you do me like this.

    Dragon Age inquisition left me feeling very good about the dragon age series as a whole so I'm quite hyped for this. Don't Andromeda me again Bioware, I couldn't take it happening a second time.

      Andromeda is the best game I've played in last 2 years... I don't get the hate at all. (I was a Mass Effect virgin though).

        I mean, there are a lot of videos on why people dislike it but for me it's just a boatload of wasted potential. the whole concept of the game was it was colonization in an alien galaxy... except when you get there humans have already set up at least one colony before arrive, supposedly hostile worlds have convenient ancient alien terraforming devices just waiting for you to turn them on, nothing about the colonies you set up seems to actually change based on your decisions and the only new alien races you encounter are the one friendly race who can already communicate with you no trouble and the one evil race whose whole design is incredibly by the numbers generic 'evil alien'.
        It could have been a story filled with challenge for the collonists and genuinely difficult decisions when it came to interacting with new races. Instead basically all the real work is done for you ahead of time and interactions with the new aliens is completely black and white.

          Fair points, I definitely agree that it always feels like we're late to the party. Would have been nice if we actually were the 'Pathfinder'. Still, I'm thoroughly enjoying it for what it is.

          I loved Inquisition, fingers crossed for DA4.

            Definitely aint saying your wrong to enjoy it. Even I enjoyed it most of the time I was playing it. It just let me down is all and whenever I look back at it all I can see is what could have been. The fact it had a rushed release and most of Bioware's veteran staff were on other projects doesn't help that.

      I wasn't disappointed at all. I waited over a year to play it so it was all fixed up and the DLC's were out, like I do with every game. And I never expected it to be like the trilogy, because they said from the beginning it wouldn't be. As a ME and DA veteran I was blown away by how much I enjoyed Andromeda when I did actually play it and it absolutely deserves the chance to continue with a second entry, one which can fulfil the potential of the first.

      I think Dragon Age is using their A team from the beginning, and it certainly is now after Andromeda.

    if I assume it's going to be a pay 2 win mobile game with one dungeon reused for every mission then I can be pleasantly surprised when it turns out to be anything else.

    I have very low faith in anything coming from Bioware/EA nowadays... but this tidbit is encouraging:

    "we have been building a new team around a core of Dragon Age veterans, people I’ve worked with on Dragon Age, Jade Empire, and some of whom I’ve worked with since the Baldur’s Gate days."

    My only hope is that they're positioning Anthem to be their shameless online service microtransaction cash-cow, and Dragon Age 4 to please their actual long-term fans and win back some credibility.

      The timing of the annoucement does seem to support that. "We know you guys will hate Anthem but don't worry, there'll be another real Bioware game some day".

    I know I shouldn't get too hyped after Andromeda (which I kinda enjoyed, despite its flaws), but I'm over the freaking moon about this. DA:O is my favourite game of all time, enjoyed DA2 and loved DA:I. Basically if it's at least as good as Inquisition I'm a happy boy.

    I just hope the 2021 rumors aren't true :(

    I must be easy to please but every Dragon age and Mass effect game has been great to me, unforgettable and a joy to play. There must be a lot of unhappy people in the world....

    Please, please have a better UI. I really wanted to love DA:I but that damn UI drove me away every single time... to say nothing of whoever thought it is comfortable for people to read pages of pages of lore in white on black CAPITAL LETTERS.

    I feel like I'm the only person who hated DA:O. It was a buggy, boring mess with awful combat insured to the terrain, zero strategy, pacing and level issues that I simply couldn't believe, and some of the most shitty, obtuse menu design I've ever seen in a game.

    It was spectacularly bad.

    It seems a pity that many people never got to play the DLC where Solas reveals his future plans. It was a great way to finish off the game.
    I'm looking forward to Anthem too. There's a lot of passionate people working on it and a real plan on place for constant ongoing content updates.

    Definitely not keen, hope it's good they might eventually buy it from the bargain bin.
    You can only burn people so many times.

    BioWare make THE most soulless RPGs now. As dead as they eyes of the characters that feature in them. So that’s a nope from me.

    Disliked inquisition, DA2 was a rushed out dumbed down mess, and origins is still one of my favourite games. I'm hopeful given the statement about how they're forming the team but if it's not closer to the original I'll probably pass. Also the writer for inquisition did a horrible job, diagloue options and their delivery were horribly bad, need that rectified.

    After seeing how they've completely run all of their franchises into the ground, I'm not that excited. Loved DA:O though but I'm not the same player anymore. I've played about an hr of DA:I and the story just seems damn awful. And why do I have to find people in camp to sit through more forced exposition of how they feel about what's happening? Surely if it's important, they should find me? And how am I always the damn chose one???

    It's lazy writing and design and it feels really tired to me.

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