Blackout Keeps Crashing On The Xbox One X

Blackout Keeps Crashing On The Xbox One X

A recent Black Ops 4 update has made Blackout unplayable for many players on Xbox One X, and currently there’s no fix or update.

On December 18, the arrival of Black Ops 4’s Absolute Zero event on Xbox One brought a new Specialist character, tons of new Contraband loot, and an unfortunate Blackout issue that seems to be specifically plaguing the Xbox One X console. Xbox One X owners are reporting that many of their matches freeze and crash if they manage to outlive most of their opponents. In the fight to be the last player standing, many players are stating that the issue often occurs once the 100 player count has dwindled down to about 15 players left on the Blackout battlefield. The game will freeze and eventually crash, or players are forced to restart the console.

Reddit user Joemehl commented on one of the many ongoing threads to say, “For me the “sweet spot” [for crashing] is between 30 and 15. I had like 5 crashes yesterday. Luckily, the two games I made top ten it didn’t freeze, but I won one of those (my first W, yay) even though the looting was buggy af. Like can’t even see what’s in the bag.”

Surviving to the end of a battle royale match can be lengthy work, so it is understandably disheartening to endure long enough to be in the top 10 or 20 survivors just to crash and gain nothing.There is a plethora of posts on the Black Ops 4 subreddit, pleading for a fix to this bug.

Players have desperately tried to resolve the problem on their own, but it doesn’t seem to matter what settings they play on. Restarting the console doesn’t help, and solos, duo, and quad matches all seem to be affected on the Xbox One X. A lot of players have commented on this thread to confirm their settings and failed efforts to avoid the crashes.

A patch arrived on December 21, bringing changes for Blackout’s level 3 armour and fixing an issue with looting a dead player’s stash. Zombies were also temporarily removed from their Blackout locations, but the undead festively returned at Christmas time with little Santa hats on. The update didn’t mention any issues with Blackout on Microsoft’s beefy Xbox One X console.

Treyarch recently responded with a tweet that acknowledges the issue, writing “We are aware that Xbox One X players are experiencing an intermittent freeze during late-game play in Blackout. We are actively investigating and will deploy an update as soon as we have a resolution to the issue.” I can imagine there’s a fair share of new Xbox One X players who are probably anxious to enjoy Blackout on their new holiday console, so hopefully this gets resolved soon.


  • This happens on PS4 as well. I was watching Maximilian’s stream last night and his game locked so hard he had to unplug his PS4 in order to reboot it. He was top 5 when it happened, too.

  • It’s been happening for 10 days now. Its Happened to me personally over 20 times. Its only making the news now because Treyarch finally responded to the constant criticism from the community. Poor devs are what ruined pUBg

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