Bury Me In These 1980s Nintendo Pyjamas

The 1989 Sears Wish Book contained many treats and treasures, but none more beautiful than this collection of official Nintendo clothing.

Uploaded by TanookiKuribo for the always excellent VideoGameArt & Tidbits, there’s also a range of kid’s sweats and track pants, including a Zelda onesie that I am retrospectively very upset I never got to wear.

I’ll pass on my boy in “A” though with the nightie shirt though (below). That shit’s for walking down creaky stairs to meet the ghost of Christmas past, not playing games in.

And finally: get me adults sizes of, well, just about everything here.


    Makes me sad seeing TMNT there. They instantly made them uncool and kiddy with those cartoons

      So what if it became uncool. How does that reduce your enjoyment?

        haha Even the creators commented the moment the cartoons were released no teenager would be caught dead playing the rpg.

      Says you. They were and still are way cool for a whole bunch of people.

    That gents Mario nightie is the height of fashion. I need one.

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