Of Course Canada's Unique Civilization Building Is An Ice Hockey Rink

After the reveal of the seafaring Maori earlier this month, Firaxis has unveiled the latest nation to make its way into Civilization VI: Canada. And it wouldn't be Canada if the country's favourite sport wasn't replicated in-game somehow.

To be released with the Gathering Storm expansion on February 14 next year, the Canadians are a diplomatic folk. You can't declare surprise wars on Canada, and their unique unit is - because of course - the Mountie.

More importantly, the ice hockey rink. Despite the slight against cultural accuracy, players will only be able to build one rink per city. It basically grants more amenity, appeal and culture, as well as extra production, food and tourism as long as certain conditions are met.

Oh Canada. The nation even gets extra diplomatic currency from completing "emergencies or scored competitions", the latter of which sounds truly appropriate.


    Seems legit eh!

    Though I'm wondering how ice hockey INCREASES culture... :p

      Through the sacrificial shedding of many teeth, and the spilling of warm blood on the ice.

    I would have thought their special military unit would be Celine Dion

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