Clever Cosplayer Designed A Helmet That Makes His Eyes Intensely Glow Like Thor's Do

Valhalla, I am coming! (Image: YouTube)

You know someone or something is about to get an Asgardian-level beatdown when Thor’s eyes start to glow. It’s an effect in the movies that’s created by visual effects artists in post-production, but YouTuber KyleofAsgard has figured out how to create in real life with a custom-built Thor helmet and special contact lenses.

The helmet itself was 3D-printed using models available on Thingiverse, and then given a custom paint job and distressing so it looks like it’s been through an interstellar battle or two. What’s less obvious about the helmet are its hidden electronics featuring a power pack, a wireless controller, and a set of blacklight LEDs hidden just behind its brim—and a special set of electric blue contact lenses also worn by the cosplayer.

When activated by a remote that can be tucked away in a pocket, the LEDs illuminate and cause the contact lenses to intensely glow, making it appear like the wearer is channeling the power of thunder and lightning like Thor is able to. But it’s all an illusion, and ironically one that might actually cause bodily harm to whoever wears this Thor helmet. Like staring directly at the sun, wearing this helmet for prolonged periods (during a convention) with the blacklight LEDs turned on could potentially damage your retinas, particularly given how close they are to the wearer’s eyes. Short demonstrations of your phenomenal cosmic powers are recommended if you decide to build one of these yourself.

[h/t Geekologie]

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    But it’s all an illusion, and ironically one that might actually cause bodily harm to whoever wears this Thor helmet.

    Glad this was mentioned because it's exactly what I was thinking after seeing the effect. Blue light and higher on the spectrum damages the retina with prolonged exposure because of how energetic it is. UV takes even less exposure to start causing damage. The effect is cool and all, but yeah, not something I'd be doing myself.

    Now to the next version, adhering an RFID coil to the outside of a contact lens, and adhering on a piece of a flexible OLED strip over it, the amount of coupled power needs to only be trivial to get the effect, and can still hide the transmitter above the forehead

    Main pain would be the colour, the reason the effect is so striking is its a purplish blue, similar to the effect UVC lamps give off, its the most amazing blue but it damages you horrifically, not many LED's or OLED's can reproduce it.

    Mmmm.... Sunburnt eye balls.
    That sweet sweet sandpaper feel when you move your eyes.

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