Crash Team Racing Remake Will Release In June 2019

Crash Team Racing Remake Will Release In June 2019

Crash Team Racing, the PlayStation 1’s answer to Mario Kart, is coming back in 2019, Activision announced at The Game Awards this evening.

In development at the studio Beenox, which created the racing portion of 2015’s Skylanders Superchargers, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fuelled is a “built from the ground up” remake of Naughty Dog’s 1999 kart racing game. It’ll be out June 21, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Just in case it’s not already apparent, Activision released some comparison images so you can see what sort of touch-up job the game has gone through on its journey through the decades:

Image Screenshot: Activision

I’m pretty sure that’s the PS1 version there on the top.

All the modes from the original—Adventure, Arcade, Versus, Battle, and Time Trial—will return for the remake, which will add online play.

Nitro-Fuelled will be available in a $US40 ($55) standard edition as well as a $US60 ($83) “digital deluxe” version called the Nitros Oxide Edition, which will include the racer Nitros Oxide as part of the starting roster, as well as an additional kart, character skins, and “much more.”

You can unlock Nitros Oxide in the regular version of the game, but only through “completing some of the fiercest challenges.” So maybe you just want to pay the extra $US20 ($28), I don’t know. Depends on how much you like this guy:



  • Been waiting for this. Not sure about that deluxe edition though, I thought unlocking Nitro was half the fun of it back then..

      • Really? I was sure he was… Wasn’t there a secret 1v1 boss race you unlocked for platinum relics on every tecks and that race unlocked him?

  • We’ve got HD spyro, crash bandicoot and now CTR, give me a HD remake of Dino crisis and I can die a happy man (after replaying them all that is).

  • I just got triggered on the title screenshot.

    As a twelvie in a CRT 1v1 competition on that course in Finals, leading entire race. Final lap guy in 2nd RNG’s a tesla orb thingy that hits me just as I go over a canyon, letting him overtake me.

    I catch up, final corner, have a heatseeking missile in spare, think I’m good. Loose the missile, and it just clips the apex of the corner, detonating on it rather than him.

    I am obviously to this day still tilted.

    (P.S. – this is awesome).

  • Yes dudes start your engines and fasten your seatbelts because green light go means Activision has announced they’re bringing back Crash Team Racing since the original came out on Playstation 20 years ago which was originally developed by Naughty Dog.
    Now times have changed that’s why I’m excited for Crash Team Racing Activision is finally bring Crash Bandicoot back Crash Team Racing is coming to PS4 Nintendo Switch and Xbox One next year and I’m really looking forward to playing Crash Team Racing when it comes out in June next year.
    Thank you very much for that announcement Activision and I’m looking forward to playing Crash Team Racing when it comes out for Nintendo Switch PS4 and Xbox One in June next year.

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