Devil May Cry 5 Still Looks Nuts

The cast of Devil May Cry 5 are already pretty bonkers. So in a new gameplay trailer released overnight, Capcom has revealed a new batshit blademaster to the party: V.

V was formally introduced on the DMC5 website earlier this month, but this morning IGN got a fresh trailer showing the cane-wielding "slender man" with "impressive tattoos" in battle.

V uses three demon familiars to do most of the fighting, although he can do some short teleports and strikes forward upon occasion. He has a nice ability that lets him phase out of damage, as well as the ability to summon what looks like the title monster from Evolve.

Being able to dye your hair at the snap of your fingers is handy. That said, I can't shake the fact that he reminds me a little of Noctis. Except for V's crippling back (or bone?) issues that requires that magical cane.

Devil May Cry 5 launches March 8 next year.


    Sooooooo, Virgil then?

    I’m calling it. It’s Virgil, less the armour.

      I was wondering the same thing though it seems too easy so I'm wondering if it might be a bait and switch.

      Can't wait either way, it's been too long.

        Yeah, maybe. I’ve yet to play the last one. Great series though :)

          The DmC reboot or Devil May Cry 4?

          4 wasn't really as good as I hoped it would be but I didn't even play the reboot, the missus did while I pined for the original.

            Prett much this! 4 was lacklustre, and though the art style of the reboot intrigued me, it just seemed a bit... hollow? I’m one of the weirdos that worship 2. Looked and played amazing - story was batshit crazy lol

      That's going to make for an awkward time.
      Nero: "Uhh... Hi Dad."
      V: "Hey son. I've come to kill your Uncle."
      Nero: "My Uncle?"
      V: "Yeah. Dante."
      Nero: "Wait, the guy who once tried to kill me and then saved me before nicking off with a harem is my uncle?"
      Dante: "Wait, he's your son? Phew, dodged a bullet there."

    If not for the fact that I'm getting a free copy, I wouldn't care about DMCV at all. The trailers just look so try hard and lame. It's like Japanese people sat around a board room throwing out ideas about what cool gaijin do and just slammed all of it together at once.

    I hope to christ it plays well because it looks like a moronic mess of J-pop culture pastiche. With microtransactions to buy ammo for the best weapon in the game.

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