Doctor Who's Not-So-Mysterious New Year's Villain Has Been Revealed

Uh oh, that’s a familiar voice... (Photo: BBC America)

After a season full of wonderful adventures that specifically excluded villains from Doctor Who’s past, the BBC is going back to familiar territory.

In lieu of the regular Christmas special today, the BBC released yet another teaser for their New Year’s Day special. Only, it was the exact same teaser they’ve been showing for a bit now...with an audio clip added to the end.

Teased as “the most dangerous creature in the universe,” it’s exactly who we thought it would be...the Daleks.

I’m interested to see how large (or small) scale this new showdown will be and how the new Doctor will interact with the good ol’ pepper pots.

After January 1, Doctor Who is set to return with its twelfth season in 2020 with Jodie Whittaker in the lead once more.

You can also watch every other season of Doctor Who since 2005 over on Stan.


    Well. The season finale was alright. Based on the pattern of season 11, that means we have another five episodes of utter dog poo before the next okay episode.

    I thought the real villain was Jodie Whittaker's acting? :P

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