Don't Be A Jackass In Japan During Halloween

Gif: ANN

In late October, Tokyo descended into Halloween chaos. Today, it’s being reported that four men have been arrested for overturning a small truck during festivities in Shibuya.

According to ANN and Tokyo Reporter, 20-year-old Shota Kojihara, 20-year-old Rikuo Kokubun, Yuta Kuroki, 27, and 22-year-old Takaaki Kawamura have been arrested. They are accused of taking part in overturning said truck.

However, authorities have identified a total of 15 men allegedly involved in the act and are planning to charge the remaining 11 suspects. Police analysed clips and images on social media accounts as well as footage from 250 security cameras in Shibuya to identify the suspects.

Out of the remaining 11 men, five of them are foreigners. Tokyo Reporter lists known citizenships as British and French. Livedoor News reports that one of the foreigners questioned by the police said, “Because Japan’s Halloween is crazy, I thought even if you cause a ruckus, you wouldn’t be arrested.”

Eh. No. You will be.

Have fun during Halloween in Japan, but don’t do dumb shit. Please.

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    Nope. That's not how it goes down and you know it. From experience, what happens is this: As a foreigner, you get involved with a group of outsider Japanese people, do some crazy shit after drinking too much and getting overly excited by the cultural cross contamination, and then after you all get pulled down off a statue, the foreigners get the blame for being a bad influence because how and why would Japanese people do something so shameful if not for the influence of gaijin?

      In the blue corner we have the Europeans, known for their football hooliganism, and in the red corner we have the Japanese, known for their culture of peacefully spending time to sort recycling.

      I don't need to research, I know who started it, it was the kei truck!

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