DW's Next Hasbro Comic Will Celebrate The Toys Loved By Women And Girls

Female heroes of many Hasbro lines will unite in Synergy. (Image: Sara Pitre-Durocher, IDW)

The next Hasbro comic from IDW is a mashup of toy franchises from across the toymaker’s vast swathe of universes—but this time, it’s a celebration of the toys and heroes that were beloved by young girls and women who grew up inspired by them.

Polygon reports that IDW and Hasbro have announced Synergy: A Hasbro Creators Showcase, an anthology comic written, drawn, and edited entirely by women, curating stories not just set in the worlds of their favourite Hasbro universes and highlighting their female heroes, but ones that also tell personal stories of their experiences growing up as fans.

From Arcee to the Combiners of Victorion, the female heroes of Transformers unite. (Image: Bethany McGuire Smith, IDW)

Synergy will feature autobiographical comics from Mairghread Scott and Katie Cook spanning franchises like My Little Pony and Jem and the Holograms, but it will also feature original stories pulling female characters from beyond what you would assume as Hasbro’s “girly” franchises (if you were one of those people who believed toys should be delineated between genders, that is—play with whatever you want, toys are toys!), with G.I. Joe’s Dawn Moreno and Transformers’ Windblade. On top of that, the anthology will feature new and old art galleries depicting female characters from across Hasbro’s toy and comics franchises, celebrating the legacy of their impact on young girls over the years—and the generations beyond them.

Synergy is set to hit shelves in March 2019.


    Neat. I thought my little pony was watched more by 20-something guys than girls tho :P I mean not intentionally but that's still how it turned out.

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