Bug Results In Fallout 76 Users Seeing Other People’s Support Tickets

Bug Results In Fallout 76 Users Seeing Other People’s Support Tickets

Who would have thought a simple bag could cause so much drama? The latest tale in the Fallout 76 collector’s edition bag continues, this time with a cracker of an bug that users say resulted in their seeing other people’s support tickets.

Multiple users on the official Bethesda forums, subreddits and social media, raised the red flag earlier this morning over a curious quirk in Bethesda’s support system. After submitting support tickets to get a replacement canvas bag, as instructed by Bethesda, users discovered that they weren’t just seeing their support ticket, but other people’s as well.

Bethesda Is Sending Out Replacements For Fallout 76's Nylon Trash Bags

Of all the things Fallout 76 has got wrong, a switcheroo on a collector’s edition bag has proved to be one of the most contentious. In an attempt to make that right, Bethesda is now going to send folks a proper canvas bag - presumably like the ones originally advertised - as a replacement for the plastic junk.

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The snafu is the latest in a saga that continues to torment Bethesda and Fallout 76 players frustrated by the state of the game. Apart from annoyances with the game’s performance, content and overall systems, fans who spent $295.95 locally (or $US200 overseas) to buy the collector’s edition have copped an extra serve after receiving a nylon bag instead of the military-style canvas bag that was originally advertised. (EB Games’ listing for the Power Armor edition has been updated to reflect the change to the “West Tek Nylon Carrying Bag”, although the original canvas duffel bag as advertised can still be seen here.)

The Bethesda Support Twitter account confirmed earlier this morning that the bug had been resolved:

Now the team just needs to work on that annoying bug that forces people to unequip their armour and log out of the game:

What a nightmare.


  • I don’t even know what to do but laugh at this point. The whole thing is a train wreck and I’m glad I’m on the outside looking in rather than being involved as a consumer. They don’t deserve any lenience or for anyone to defend them.

    • Certainly makes me second-guess pre-ordering Doom Eternal. Will wait till the jury is out on that one.

      • Dooms Developed by ID Software and only published by Bethesda, all in all they looks fine, just listen to them talk about their engine, those guys said more than Todd howards, ‘sixteen times the detail’

      • Don’t equate DOOM with Fallout. Bethesda only distribute Doom. ID Software created DOOM and it was bloody marvellous, one of the single best shooters released in years (possibly the best tbh) and incredibly stable on day 1. I have complete faith personally that ID will deliver on Eternal.

        Anything Fallout for me here on out though from Bethesda is dead.

        And that hurts, because I’m a Fallout OG 🙁

        • They’re all part of Zenimax though, and probably deal with similar pressure to deliver their respective games though.

          And as far as collector’s edition junk, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the same marketing department putting together all the Bethesda Softworks collector’s editions.

          • They’re owned but ID Software still has the clout to operate away from them as its own company. As far as the junk goes, maybe, but I don’t go in for all of that, last decent collectors edition I personally saw was the GTA IV lockbox, which I still use for some personals (although I did change the lock at some point years back…)

          • Most of the big names have left id Software, and it sounds like Zenimax was running out of patience for Doom 4 (home many times did they discard everything and start over?). I suspect they’ve got less clout within the company than you think.

          • Doom 4 was the Doom we just had, it literally tied into every Doom before it. Given it was a smash hit for them, I don’t underestimate it at all. After all, they’re coming out with a new one. It was highly rated, well received and regarded. I mean, it was even better received than the previous Doom 3, which was tepidly received, albeit praised for it’s graphics, but condemned for its frustrating gameplay. The game sold, at this point, over roughly 4.5 – 5 million copies across pc, xb1 and ps4 alone, not counting the couple it would’ve sold on Switch as well.

            It only takes a little research dude, I get you don’t like Zenimax, that’s more than fine, but ID Software still delivers quality at this point, that’s what matters 🙂

          • I agree that the game turned out great. But read about the development: they’d gone through a number of iterations on the game before the one we ended up with, and Bethesda was close to handing the franchise off to another studio. If that happened, I wouldn’t be surprised if the studio transitioned into pure engine development and support for other studios.

            Or look at the news coverage of the Zenimax/Oculus law suit, particularly John Carmack’s account of working at id post acquisition. They certainly didn’t give him the same amount of freedom to pursue new ideas as he had before.

          • Indeed. However they got the game out and managed to prove themselves and went into profit on it which is what counts. As far as Carmack goes, his whole situation was dodgy as hell. Leaving as he did and the whole coding issue Im surprised he didnt almost take ID down with him on the way…

      • Best practice these days is don’t preorder anything. I didn’t preorder RDR2 and bought it a week or so later from EB (price match, $100? pls) and it turned out that all of the boxes had the preorder codes in them anyway.

  • The comparison has been made between Fallout 76 and No Man’s Sky quite a bit, but I think it would be better compared to FFXIV with the current state of its launch. They may be better off in the long run to pull the game entirely, rework it and relaunch some point down the track.

    And I say this as someone who loves the game and plays it (co-op) every chance I get.

    • So basically, the same thing they did with No Mans Sky… 😉 That first mega patch really overhauled the game after all.

  • Every time I turn around the dumpster fire is worse or somebody tried to douse the flames with orphans and puppies.

  • They’re not going to be able to pull a No Man’s Sky…they’ve gone way past that point.

    If they’re intending to salvage this they’re going to have to start from scratch.
    Get rid of the team and the “game” they’ve made.
    That engine needs to go as well, it was showing it’s age with Skyrim…now we can see the damn tape trying to hold it together.

  • I can’t even laugh anymore. At launch I was pretty gleeful about the shitpit that is this game, but now? Fucking hell.

    I’m just astounded by how incompetent this is at every single level.

  • If Roland Emmerich wrote a disaster movie about video game development it wouldn’t be half as disastrous as FO76.

  • Let’s take a small, tinsey winsey step back here for a moment. This is not a bug in Fallout 76. It’s a bug on a Bethesda support web site… for Fallout 76. Now,… everyone take a deep breath.

    The designers, developers, testers, heck mostly everyone that worked on Fallout 76 probably had zip to do with the support web site. For a company that size, its a totally different department. Okay, count to 10, more controlled deep breaths.

    Having said all that. Sure it’s stupidly bad that a support web site has those issues. But lets not tar and feather the (admitted buggy) game in the same breath (see what I did!).

    For the record- I did almost rage quit after loosing my Excavator Power Armor when the game crashed (PS4). Sigh.

  • I can already see a Bethesda higher up calling a staff meeting and yelling about “Can we have a single week without a major fuck up that doesn’t make the news?”

  • Every day I feel more and more vindicated that I avoided going anywhere near this game and ESO.

    It’s not a happy thing – I loved Fallout and Elder Scrolls, but this has obviously gone from bad to worse.

    But it sounds like Bethesda just can’t be trusted with an online setup.

  • I mean, Fallout 76 never really looked good, let’s be honest.
    The concept is there. The ideas are there. The setting and themes are there.
    It’s just all just squandered really on what feels like an extremely rushed, experimental project.

    I would like to see them try again at some stage and actually make a similar game with NPCs, and decent quests, and an actual world that feels alive that people want to explore that is technically and mechanically solid.

    This just isn’t that game.

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