Far Cry Is Heading To The Post-Apocalypse

Far Cry Is Heading To The Post-Apocalypse

The new Far Cry, called Far Cry New Dawn, takes place in a post-apocalyptic world after the end of Far Cry 5. Apparently, it’s coming out February 15th.

You probably know the drill with Far Cry already: in New Dawn, you’re going to explore a huge map, including Far Cry 5‘s Hope Country, craft cool weapons, recruit specialists to help you out, kill some murderous animals and people, and there’s online co-op. Except this one’s gonna be all future-y.

Every time I think I’m done with Far Cry, they find a way to pull me back in. Bad bitches only.


  • Altough a re-skinned FC5, actually looks pretty cool . Picking up big Mad Max/Walking dead/TLOU vibe. Think Im in.

  • Will have to wait and see how far they take the wacky side of this as FC5 was largely forgettable due to taking no risks.

  • If this is an expansion ala Blood Dragon, I’ll definitely take a look.

    If this is a full-fledged AAA, I’m there day one. First FC in years that has an interesting setting 🙂

    • eh to each his own, but i actually liked the montana setting in FC5 as it was the first time a FC game had been set in the USA plus the map was fucking awesome to run around in especially the Farmlands in the south west

      • Yeah I thought it was quite good as well, heaps of fun. Good shooty bits.

        I didn’t get the DLC though, I wonder if that was any good. I thought the Vietnam bit looked interesting but it wasn’t well reviewed.

        • DLC was pretty shit, but then again ive yet to see any DLC from Ubisoft to be worth it (Blood Dragon was not DLC it was its own standalone game)

    • Post-apocalypse is one of the most overdone settings in all of gaming, I’d hardly call it interesting at all. I’m definitely interested in the game though, Primal was based off 4 and was fantastic so I can only hope this is too.

  • FC 5 was good fun. Bit repetitive, but good fun and with excellent sound and visuals (how good did the rivers look???). If this builds on the previous end game, than this should be worthwhile. And glad to see our esteemed Leader finding himself in a bind. bad pun, but hey, it’s Friday and I had nothing else to work with.

  • I guess I can’t play then, since I’m not, as Gita so elegantly puts it, a bad bitch.

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