Amazon Reveals More Far Cry New Dawn Details

The box art for Far Cry: New Dawn appeared earlier today, but a listing on Amazon has revealed more nuggets of info about the game. Most importantly, those characters on the cover? They're New Dawn's villains.

We already knew that New Dawn would take place in a post-apocalyptic world, but a store listing on Amazon US has confirmed that the game is set in Hope County, where Far Cry 5 took place.

It also notes that the "Twins", featured on the box cover, are the antagonists for the game:

Fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic world as you take up arms to fight alongside a friend in online co-op.
Lead the fight against the highwaymen and their ruthless leaders, the Twins.
Build up your home base and recruit specialists to upgrade it as you unlock all-new features.
Battle your enemies for resources in Hope County and around the country as you venture to new locations.

The game is supposedly set 17 years after Far Cry 5 ends, with the player battling the Highwaymen for the last remaining resources in the area. The Amazon listing also had four shots showing off some of the enemies, locations and enemies:

Ubisoft is due to premiere footage of Far Cry New Dawn later today, as part of The Game Awards. You can tune into that below.

Watch The Game Awards Live Here

With supposedly more than ten unannounced games to be revealed, a host of content and announcements for existing ones, and a timeslot that actually suits Australians, The Game Awards is always worth a watch.

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Update: 1330 AEDT Far Cry New Dawn will launch on February 15, as just announced at The Game Awards.


    Promising. Please be the same team responsible for Blood Dragon.

    Post apocalyptic frontier far cry. Wow, now this is cutting edge.

    is it online co-op only? Cause thats an insta no buy.

      Do you guys not have friends?!

        I have a whole group of friends that i could play the game with... Issue is, we all have different jobs, some shiftwork, some don't, some have families, some don't. The beauty of a SP game is that you can play it in your own time, and not have to try and make plans in advance to group up with friends.

          i think hes doing the blizzard joke. :P

          I completely agree with you, I was just having a laugh at the expense of Blizzard.

            Oh man! I should have looked up and seen it go right over my head...

      Yeah getting tired of all these MP focused titles. I work shifts and usually don’t have anyone to play with because nobody likes sitting through content they’ve already played or waiting for me :(

        I am a shift worker as well. We have so much in common!

          maybe you can work together and play it

        Far Cry is usually singleplayer with some optional multiplayer modes

      I am the same. I work hospo so not much chance of playing with people on my random hours.

      Since it's based on FC5 and FC IP in general, it is single player plus Online Co-op. I doubt they would remove the SP aspect from it, but we wont know for certain until more details drop.

      According the the Uplay Page, is is SP aswell as MP.

      From the Store:
      Release date: 15/02/2019
      Genre: Open World Action Adventure
      Multiplayer: Yes
      Single player: Yes
      Publisher: Ubisoft
      Developer: Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Shanghai. Ubisoft Kiev

    Ubisoft presents *drumroll* RAGE 2 - ugh no WAIT!! Farcry: RAGE 76.

    I'll give 'em credit for the colour pallet, I'm loving the new neon wave that developers seem to be riding right now.

    Just read Gita Jacksons article on kotaku praising the diversity of the box art. Now we know they are the villains I wonder how long it's going to be before we see articles denouncing the use of minorities as the antagonists.

    Personally I don't care who they are as long as the characters are well written. Just stiring the pot and saying certain moral and social ideologies are very predictable.

      I actually Gita will go full-on power trip and say what awesome villains they are, even before any further information on them is available.

    This.... Kind of feels like what Fallout 76 should've been.

    Post apocalyptic co-op shooting, right up my alley! Sign me up.

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