Finally, A Civ That Truly Loves The Mountains

Finally, A Civ That Truly Loves The Mountains

Civilization VI‘s Gathering Storm expansion has already introduced at least one civ that makes use of an annoying terrain type, with the Canadians loving tundra. Overnight, Firaxis unveiled a new civ that can finally do something more practical with mountains besides mining and defending: the Inca.

Led by Pachacuti, who I’ll be calling Pachacutie until the end of time, the Incan Empire are able to extract extra food from adjacent mountains through their unique ability. Inca citizens can also work mountain tiles for production while producing food for adjacent tiles, which should allow for a nice rapid start.

No word on how all that food is going to survive climate change and Civ VI‘s other natural disasters, though.

So far we’ve gotten the tundra-loving Canadians, the Maori who start on the sea (and guarantee a coastal city off the bat 100% of the time) and the mountain-farming Inca. Now all we need is for all of this DLC to come to the Switch version of Civilization VI.

Civ VI‘s Gathering Storm expansion launches February 14 next year.

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