Fortnite Becomes First Xbox Game With Cross-Play For Child Accounts

Fortnite Becomes First Xbox Game With Cross-Play For Child Accounts
Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)

If you’re a parent and you’ve gone through the trouble of setting up child accounts for your little ones, chances are you will have run into an aggravating bug. It’s arisen a lot more with Fortnite, where parents quickly realised that they couldn’t play Fortnite with their kids if they were trying to play on another platform.

Fortunately, that annoyance is coming to an end.

In a post on the Xbox Wire, the general manager of Xbox Live, Dan McCulloch, announced that parents will be able to toggle cross-play for child accounts. Fortnite will be the first game to feature the new cross-play settings, which means a parent trying to play Fortnite on the Switch with their kid, who might be playing on the Xbox using the TV, should finally be able to play together.

“This includes two new settings parents can turn on or off, which empowers them to allow or block both cross-network play and cross-network communication, on their child’s account,” the post says. “As with the rest of the family settings, these can be changed in the parent’s Microsoft account. We expect other cross-network enabled games will be updated in the future to include these settings and offer more choice for parents.”

I asked Microsoft earlier this year what the status was with child accounts and cross-play. At the time, their response was that they were “evaluating ways we can evolve our parental controls”.

That evolution, finally, has arrived.

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