Geralt, Is That You?

It is accepted truth that Maul is the King of Geralt cosplayers, but boy, Joshua Rifle is giving him a run for his money. He made this outfit with the help of his wife, and it's one of the most impressive pieces of Witcher cosplay I've ever seen.

You can see more of Joshua's cosplay at his Instagram page.


    Why does the Henry Cavill version look so terrible in comparison to cosplay? I understand alot of these shoots have post processing but ecen the candid stuff looks miles ahead of the shots we've seen of Netflix's Geralt. I mean even the hair alone. It certainly can't be a budget thing

      why dont you stfu and wait for the show and then judge it

        I am judging an appearance as an appearance. The show may be great, but you'd need to be blind to say thst these cosplays don't look better costume wise.

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