Get Yourself A Solid Gaming PC For $840

Get Yourself A Solid Gaming PC For $840
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Looking to get into PC gaming over Christmas? Then here’s a very cost-effective option.

Every now and again I talk to someone who mentions that they wouldn’t mind getting into PC gaming, but it’s been ages since they owned a solid rig, and they’re intimidated about putting their own rig together. And that’s fair enough: not everyone wants to tinker around with stuff.

But you don’t have to spend thousands to get a rig together that can handle games at 1080p. Techfast are selling a Ryzen 5 2600 machine now through eBay for $840 (using the PLUGIT20 checkout code) will get you a rig with 8GB RAM, a GTX 1060, two 24″ 1ms LED monitors, a 120GB SSD, and all the other bits and pieces sans Windows 10.

If you’ve got someone who just wants to get into Fortnite, CS:GO, Overwatch or a ton of indies on PC, and you want a rig that can be beefed up quite simply, this would be a very welcome Christmas gift.

If you already have a monitor lying around, you can get the same rig sans screens for $671.20. All you’ll need to think about upgrading in the short term is some RAM and a second hard drive, and you’ve got a PC that can hold its own admirably with everything released in 2018.

For the bundle with two screens, head here.


  • Its an okay price but with 1 stick of memory you are losing about 40% of the performance over dual channel. AMD are also way better with good ram meaning the cheap stuff makes performance even worse (when looking at ram for amd you really want 3600cas14/16).

    The power supply is of an unknown make or a really cheap branded one which generally are not very good.

    It doesn’t come with an operating system (more to pay). The single 120gb SSD is great for windows but with some games occupying the 40gb zone it really doesn’t come with a lot of space making you need to buy more storage.

    It has a cheap A320 motherboard which really are not very good (VRM and power delivery wise).

    Other than that the case does not list if it has external usb ports and if so what are they, the design from the picture leaves much to be desired. It looks to have barely any airflow so everything will run hot.

    • The VRM and power delivery matter if you’re overclocking, but if someone’s buying a prebuilt gaming PC, overclocking generally isn’t something they’re going to do. And when we’re talking about running hot, the case is still going to be well within the thermal limits. The PSU is either Allied, Thermaltake or Corsair, depending on stock.

      Windows … that’s not really going to be a problem, if we’re being realistic.

      Good RAM is definitely nice to have with AMD, but it’s worth considering what is a good starting point, what’s the next good upgrade path (I would say second drive first, if not as an add-on) and then RAM. Worth keeping in mind what’s going to matter mostly to someone who’s buying a PC for the first time, what can be corrected easily later, vs. what might matter to someone who’s being using gaming PCs for 10+ years. (I’d never personally buy or build a PC myself that had less than 32GB of RAM, because I know what my usage is, but my use case is different and so on.)

      The case has two front-facing USB ports, as well as headphone/mic out. There’s full spec list here.

      • Just pointing out things people should consider with cheap pc’s. Also i don’t think they are the same case. The one you linked is the TechFast Leaper Micro-ATX Mini-Tower Case, where the one being sold on Ebay is the TechFast Leaper Pro RGB Case. I did look for the case before i posted and couldn’t find anything which is why i commented about its lack of information.

      • Windows … that’s not really going to be a problem, if we’re being realistic.

        Now I feel like an idiot being a PC gamer on a tight budget and paying for Windows.

        • I didn’t really “get” Alex’s comment about Windows. As a very naive console gamer/Mac user is Window’s readily available for free?

          • I think he’s referring to storage space – which is what Tegual’s point was, that a 120GB SSD is going to run out of space quickly with a Windows install and a handful of games. And Tegual’s right – you could be looking at 20GB+ sucked away on the OS folder alone.

            Windows isn’t ‘free’ per se but OEM copies are readily available and often bundled in the pre-built prices such that it’s ‘free’ from the customer’s perspective. It’s also easy to… ‘liberate’.

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