God Of War's Back Down To $25

How often do games of the year get discounted this much in the same year they were released?

If you missed out on Amazon's God of War special, it's back. $25 will get you one of the best (if not the best - it's doing well in our reader GOTY poll so far) PS4 exclusives, not just this year but since the PS4 launched.

I wonder if this is Sony's strategy going forward: fund strong franchises and then double down really hard until the next generation launches. Either way, it's good news for gamers. Head here to grab the deal.

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    It's showing $39 for me. Do you have to be an Amazon prime member for the discount?

      Yes, as it's showing $25 for me

        nope, it's showing as $25 if I sign out as well

          The price is now at $25. I'm not sure what happened there but now I have a new game coming next week :)

    I got it last time for Black Friday. Wish I got monster hunter aswell

    I only started this a couple of days ago and I've been loving it. Last night I played so much that I'm currently on the train late for work

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