Here’s 14 Minutes Of The Outer Worlds Gameplay

Here’s 14 Minutes Of The Outer Worlds Gameplay

The new game from Obsidian, the developers behind Fallout: New Vegas was announced at the Game Awards on Friday, where the reveal trailer for The Outer Worlds gained quite a lot of interest. Now, however, we’ve been treated to a nice little chunk of gameplay, showing what players can expect when they get their hands on Obsidian’s No Man’s Fallout.

Obsidian's Next Game, The Outer Worlds, Is Basically Fallout: New Vegas In Space

As Bethesda takes Fallout multiplayer, the original creators of Fallout are making a brand new single-player shooter-RPG along with the studio that made Fallout: New Vegas.

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The preview comes courtesy of GameInformer, who got their hands on just over 14 minutes of gameplay from The Outer Worlds, showing some of its beautiful alien worlds and the interactions with the characters within it.

The game has been in development for around 2 years so far, and with a release expected next year the game seems pretty far along in development. What we’re shown is definitely consistent with the ‘Fallout in space’ vibe a lot of people were getting from the reveal trailer, though one important difference Ben Reeves notes is that companions in The Outer Worlds will not be romanceable.

You can watch the whole thing here:


  • Have to say I am not really feeling it, though it could have a lot to do with the commentary and whoever (separately) was controlling the footage. They hardly make it look exciting. But hey it’s early and they have made some great games over the years and sure some buggy ones. So it can go one way or the other

  • Man I hate the rise of internet personalities/celebrities.
    Can’t just show off the gameplay and explain what’s going on, gotta be a tryhard comedian, gotta sell your persona, gotta have a shtick.
    Do yourself a favor and watch it on mute.

    • I always shed a tear of joy when I’m looking for a game tutorial online and the top result is [NO COMMENTARY].

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      • Personally, it’s the videos that are only a few minutes long where a good minute of it is a channel intro spiel that make me want to uninstall from life.

        “Hey guys and girls, welcome back to RandomYoutuber32425’s channel. How you all doin’ today? I’m great, my cat’s great, my dog moved out…”

        It’s especially bad when that’s their spiel and they’ve got maybe 2 subscribers and the majority of their videos have like 5 or 6 views. To be clear, I’m not trying to shit on people trying to be a youtuber… I’m just saying there’s a point where you can act like you have a community or fanbase, and below 10 subscribers sure ain’t it.

        • “Whaaaaat iiiiiisssssss uuuuuuuuuuup Guuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyssssssss, WRECKED CARKUS here and TWO day…..”

        • I tend to just skip the first 3-4 minutes of a youtube video if I see it’s around 10 minutes long or just skip it entirely. They are just trying to pad the video so it gets more ad revenue. The overwatch guys are the worst. They rephrase the same thing over and over, padding out 1-2 minutes of content over 10.

          • Yeah, 10 minutes seems to be a magic number. So many vid’s hover around that mark, and you get used to the padded out intro (2:00 mins), repeated ‘facts’ (2 to 5 times), and the reminder to subscribe and hit that bell (1:00 mins).

            There seems to be a few other magic timeframes as well, but 10 minutes seems to be the easy one to hit. Saw a vid the other day showing the ad revenue they got for a 1 million view vid. Magically, it was just over 10 minutes, they got about $7000 for it.

            Guy is young but gives some pretty solid financial advice, and was brutally honest about what he makes from his vids. Was an interesting watch. if you want to check it out. Or not, aint THAT important. Just linking to back up what I said.

  • Who are these terrible commentators? They screwed up so much, firstly called it an Xbox exclusive when it isn’t, constsntly talked oved the games dialog and at one point called the devs as those that made “Far Cry New Vegas”. Why they sent these amateurs footage I have no idea…

    • One commentator asked if it was an Xbox exclusive, and the other one never answered the question, though they do say at the end it is coming to PS4 Xbox and PC. They made a point of saying to be quiet during the dialogue, and mostly where until towards the end, and everyone messes up what they say sometimes.

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