Here's 90 Minutes With Supergiant's Hades

As part of The Game Awards' exclusive reveals, Supergiant revealed their latest project: Hades. Here's a solid playthrough so you know what to expect.

Heather and Paul spent 90 minutes with Hades, which is available now for $US19 exclusively through the Epic Games Store, on the Kotaku stream.

You can rewatch the archived livestream below, which goes through the state of Hades. It's very much a Supergiant game visually, but there's a lot less focus on story, which Bastion or Transistor fans might miss.

It's super fluid and the controls are super tight. There's only a couple of bosses available right now, but the game is in very early access.

You can check out more about Hades here.


    Meh maybe I'll grab it on steam when they eventually fix it.

    Any new game distribution platform will need to be around for quite a bit longer than a couple of days before I'm willing to throw away cash on something I would lose instantly should the platform owners decide to pull the plug.

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