Here's The Latest Jackbox Party Pack For $26

Party games are perfect for Christmas, and the Jackbox Party Packs in particular. But if you've been holding off on the most recent one, it's just gotten a huge discount in time for those mandatory family obligations.

Fanatical are selling the fifth Jackbox Party Pack, the one that includes the reworked You Don't Know Jack with support for up to 8 players, for $25.75 dollarydoos. That's 40% off the regular $42.95 asking price, and a solid investment for group games over the holidays.

The fifth Jackbox pack also comes with Patently Stupid, a game about pitching and raising cash for dumb inventions, and Mad Verse City where people come up with rap rhymes and the game uses an AI algorithm to stitch it all together. It's miles better than you might expect; here's some footage of that below.

Fanatical's deal will run until Saturday or when their stock of keys runs out. There's plenty left, though, so head here to check it out.

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      Neither is Spiderman... Sorry to rub the salt in to your shitty console ;)

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