Hollywood Director Makes An Exciting Live-Action PUBG Short

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has partnered with Kong: Skull Island filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts to make a short film for the battle royale game’s impending release on PlayStation 4. If you’ve got a hankering to watch someone take on dozens of people with just a frying pan, you’re in luck.

Vogt-Roberts is a dyed in the wool nerd. He’s attached to a Metal Gear Solid movie, and his Skull Island was not just influenced by 70s classics like Apocalypse Now and The Conversation, but by Evangelion, Spirited Away and even Pokémon.

He’s a natural fit for what’s basically a glorified PUBG ad. If they’re going to make one anyway, I’d rather have something that knocks my socks off than anything else.

This short makes me long for a big, old school, over the top summer blockbuster action movie. It makes me want to watch Face/Off, or Die Hard, or glue myself to the screen for a kung fu movie marathon.

It also captures the tension and thrill of playing, or watching, PUBG.

There are unlikely wins, tense fights and stunning upset. Friendship even blooms on the battlefield. If Metal Gear Solid doesn’t work out, you think Vogt-Roberts would be up for a full-length PUBG movie?


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