In The Resident Evil 2 Remake, Leon’s Backstory Has Been Cleaned Up

In The Resident Evil 2 Remake, Leon’s Backstory Has Been Cleaned Up

The remake’s official Japanese Twitter account tweeted out the character’s backstory for the new Resident Evil 2 remake. It is rather dull.

It reads, “New officer Leon S. Kennedy was assigned to Raccoon City. Before going on duty, Kennedy was at home on standby, waiting for his orders. After no one contacted him and feeling something was off, Kennedy headed to the station. Days later, after arriving in Raccoon City, his life changed.”

This is very different from the backstory mentioned in the game’s official guide, which involved him breaking up with his girlfriend, drinking and then oversleeping, which is why he was late for his first day.

While not stated in the game, many players like the depth it gives Leon as a character.

Hideki Kamiya also reportedly mentioned this boozy prologue to Famitsu in an interview when the first RE2 game out.

Fans really like this backstory, so it’s a shame that the remake isn’t fleshing this out.


    • the tunnels erupt in flames, the G-virus monster William is finally vanquished. Leon turns to Claire and Sherry and exclaims “what was one Monster of a hangover” everyone laughs as the credits roll

  • Genuinely thought they might’ve changed it to former underwear or hair model Leon S. Kennedy.

    Please be good…..pleeeeeease!!
    (I’m actually a fan of most of the RE Games)

  • That doesn’t even sound like a backstory anymore, it’s just a blurb for generic protagonist X. Bring back drunk Leon.

  • I swear people will complain about anything…
    Like me now!
    I too prefer drunk, broken-hearted Leon (even if I only did just learn about this now).

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