It’s Never Too Late To Find A Tutorial

It’s Never Too Late To Find A Tutorial
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Teaching players how to play your game is hard. Especially in open world games like Breath of the Wild allows for players to wander off on their own, possibly bypassing useful tutorials so carefully laid out for them.

So if a player happens to stumble across a tutorial almost 100 hours into the game, you have to wonder just how crucial the skills taught in that tutorial are.

More than 90 hours into her playthrough of Breath of the Wild, Twitch streamer negaoryx headed back to the starter zone to discover that she may have missed something important.

“You have done well to learn these crucial skills. Now, proceed.” reads the screens, tauntingly. Negaoryx had already defeated three of the four divine beasts. That’s the perfect time to learn how to dodge. Right?


  • I mean….on the upside its just that more impressive that they got so far into the game without dodges and parries and flurry rush attacks! Its like artificial hard mode!

    Should be happy they managed to almost beat the game while limiting themselves, like some sort of no dodge no parry no rush hard mode

    Im sure id have given up without those features in the game after dying for the thousandth time without them

  • I just wish more games had a “refresher” mode for when you haven’t played it for a while. The Batman games and Assasins Creed series could especially use this as when returning after a hiatus, is can be hard to remember enemy types, vulnerabilities and mechanics

    • The Arkham games have that. You get hit a few times by an enemy type and a tooltip will display telling you how to counter them. The tutorial messages can be disabled though so you might have missed them that way.

  • To be quite honest I have always thought that playing a Zelda game (at least) without being dependant on a play-guide has always made for better and more rewarding experience…otherwise you’ll waste a whole day looking for that silver rupee chest!

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