Japan's Most Delicious Convenience Store Chicken Nuggets Get A Robot

Japanese convenience store chain Lawson makes some truly yummy chicken nuggets it calls “Kara-age Kun.” Now store staff has a helper to make the fried food. Meet Kara-age Kun Robo.

Currently in trials in Tokyo, the robot has turned the Kara-age Kun cooking from six minutes to one.

According to IT Media, the robot can cook up the three different Kara-age Kun flavours: Regular, Red (spicy), and Cheese.

This isn’t a vending machine, as it’s still necessary to buy the Kara-age Kun container at the register and scan its barcode.


    Karage arent chicken nuggets guys
    Same way kfc popcorn chicken arent nuggets or mcbites arent nuggets
    Not all small peices of fried chicken are nuggets

    Im ashamed of your lack of chicken knowledge kotaku

    Referring to Karaage as chicken nuggets is pretty misleading.

      To be fair, the company calls them nuggets on their English site too. They're definitely not the same as typical nuggets though.

      They are technically nuggets of chicken, even if proper Karaage is to chicken nuggets what lobster tail is to imitation crab meat.

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