Judgment Is Coming To The West In 2019

Briefly: Previously known as "Project Judge," the game follows an ex-lawyer who is looking for justice in the streets. The trailer for the PS4 title is pretty neat.


    Why’s it DUBBED?

    Do Sony actually understand their audience at all? Better be an English subbed Japanese language option.

      It's not Sony's game - it's Sega's.

      According to the comments below, there is a Japanese language option. I certainly hope that's the case, too!

    So it's set in Kamuroucho? Is there anything that separates this from another Yakuza title? Not that I'm complaining: I love me some Yakuza.

    Oh and hey - the launch trailer was leaked: https://youtu.be/ZEkwHrzPtOk?t=60

    (Warning: is not the launch trailer)

    Why is it in English? I hope we at least get the option of the Japanese language soundtrack. After playing God knows how many Yakuza games, it just feels wrong hearing this in English.

      It has both

        Excellent! Thanks :D

          This is the first time I’ve thought “man this dub is so good that I might actually play in English”.
          Probably won’t tho.

            It just feels weird to me... seeing a Yakuza game but hearing American voices. No matter how good the English language track is, it's just going to feel like a cheesy 1970s kung fu movie with the American dub over the top :P

            I'll stick to the Japanese soundtrack, I think.

    Is that Crispin Freeman I hear? this might actually be a dub worth listening to.

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