Lady Gaga Posts Promo And It's Anime As Hell

Photo: Christopher Polk/Staff, Getty Images

Bayonetta enthusiast Stefani Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga, just dropped a new trailer for her upcoming Las Vegas residency, Enigma. It’s something.

Las Vegas residencies are usually a good way for pop stars to make some money if they have large fan bases but a hard time getting single to chart. Coming off A Star Is Born, that might not actually be the case for Gaga, but she’s doing one anyway. If this trailer is any indication, it will be out of control.

The video depicts a Hatsune Miku-esque anime girl calling out for Lady Gaga, before getting enveloped in a giant star? And then a grey-skinned alien also says hi to Gaga? It also, for some reason, looks like a JRPG cutscene from 2003. This is far from the first time pop stars have dabbled in anime-influenced promotional materials.

Notably, Britney Spears had an entirely animated music video for the 2008 single “Break The Ice.” Lady Gaga’s version might be the closest one of those promotions has been to being the pop-tastic opening sequence from Final Fantasy X-2. And then there’s also the alien. That’s new.

I have a lot of questions, and I probably won’t have any answers unless I go to Vegas. Gaga, hit me up if you ever want to chat Bayonetta and also explain yourself.


    I'm not a huge fan of her music, but I've always thought her weirdness was her just being herself. Some might think it's over the top, but I believe she's just doing what she does how SHE wants to do it. And for that, I personally think she's pretty cool.

    The meat suit was an awesome moment.

      Eh. I disagree.

      I don’t eat meat.. factory farming really bums me out. But I’m not going to object to other people doing so (I’d just just prefer people were more cognizant of where it comes from and what’s involved).

      But wearing it as some bullsh*t suit so she can gain notorioty and sell more of her trashy music? What a miserable, pathetic waste of life.
      Enough animals die for food. Killing them for publicity is straight-up prehistoric.

      It's the pop music industry, no one is who they are acting how they want. They are all very carefully manufactured.

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