Marvel At China's Own Iron Man Type Movie

Gif: 機甲戰神孫悟空

Sure, Iron Man 3 was filmed partly in China, but that’s still a Marvel movie and an American superhero. Tomorrow, the country is releasing its own movie inspired one of its greatest heroes, revamped with an Iron Man-style suit.

This is Armoured Warfare God: Sun Wukong. Also known as the Monkey King, Sun Wukong is one of the classic characters of Chinese legend and lore.

Not only is Sun Wukong the main character in one of China’s greatest works Journey to the West, but he also inspired and spawned Goku in Dragon Ball.

Now, the Sun Wukong character has been reworked for modern Chinese cinema audiences, complete with an Iron Man type suit, monkey motif mask and questionable CGI. It certainly does not appear connected with Marvel!

As ET Today reports, the reaction online in China has been harsh, with Marvel fans calling out the filmmakers.

Screenshot: 東森新聞 CH51
Screenshot: 東森新聞 CH51

Chinese language media has been quick to point out obvious similarities with the Iron Man movies.

Armoured Warfare God: Sun Wukong comes out tomorrow in China.


    Todays headlines: Chinese copies IP, next in the news water is wet.

    Ok, this was actually a really cool idea so why did they just paint a Monkey King look on the bloody Iron Man suit?!
    Seriously, I would've been all over this If they had put some effort in to it.

    Irom men.
    Maube he can do a cross over with robert cop

      Irom, Maube, Robert - what the heck are you smoking dude?

        Chinese knock offs, robert cop is a very well known knock off of robocop.

    Iron Man-style suit

    Call it what it is: a blatant rip-off.

      It’s what they do best.

        Yep, they have no love for copyright law at all.

        Elon Musk has publicly stated that they don't do patents at SpaceX because it would essentially be a recipe book for the Chinese to steal.


    To the shock and awe of no-one.
    It's China, guys, adjust your expectations accordingly.

    Man, so many corners were cut in the animation that the thing is a circle now. And to think these were the scenes handpicked for the trailer, oof.

      The weird thing is there are moments where the CGI is actually pretty good, but then it drops to bad power rangers level. It's like there was no quality control on it.

      As for the Iron Man comparison, that's a tough one. Yeah, it looks like an Iron Man suit but there is a ton of mecha art around and there are plenty of similarities. Heck even the Iron Man outfit is reminiscent of medieval armour.

        It's like there was no quality control on it.

        I know. Hard to believe that about something made in China, isn't it? :P

          I get the joke, but when you're dealing with a movie that (even for China) must have cost a ton of money to make you'd expect them to have someone quality checking :)

    But China loves ripping shit off!
    I'm the culture seems to be changing with that though.
    The homegrown backlash is a good thing.

    It's easy to laugh at China shamelessly ripping off IP from other nations, but just for context: Hollywood's just as bad. Not just the tendency to remake successful foreign properties in a US context, but more grotesquely: straight-up re-writing history to show foreign military operations as having been completed by Americans instead of the actual participants.

    Some folks are giving the producers grief in social media, but I'm willing to bet they didn't care if it means the Chinese get to see something cool put in a Chinese context. Just like how Hollywood makes fucking everything about Americans.

      the tendency to remake successful foreign properties in a US context

      That's not ripping anybody off if they pay for the rights to remake those foreign properties in a US context. Which they do, because if they don't they get sued because the US actually respects intellectual property.

        There's obviously a moral difference between outright plagiarising works. The US buys, China takes.

        What I failed to convey was: the producers in China likely didn't give a fuck because they know Chinese audiences are likely just as hungry for adapted works put into the local context, the same way that US audiences are.

          It also has to do with a large portion of Americans not understanding anything that's not American.

      but when America rips off other properties it's an homage

      Lion King, Inception, Terminator, Hunger Games, etc etc etc

        They can 'adapt' it far enough for legal derivation, or they just buy it before appropriating it. Or... they decide they don't have to, and pilfer from history.

        The one that really grinds my gears is the re-writing military history, though. That's fucking disrespectful.

          Yep. A huge pet hate of mine too. I've forced myself to stop watching Hollywood bio-pics because they always change it to make it more exciting, undermining the real reason the stories are special in the first place.

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