Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 Is Coming, Made By Team Ninja And Is A Switch Exclusive

There’s a new Avengers (and X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy) game coming to the Switch, in the form of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Black Order. It’ll be out in 2019, and amazingly, is being developed by Team Ninja.

Coming ten years after the last game in the series, it introduces a new over-the-shoulder camera view and has four-player co-op.

The game is being published by Nintendo.


    This looks pretty cool. The promise of a Marvel Diablo style game was always a good one but the games never seemed to fully deliver. Cautiously optimistic.

    I enjoyed X-Men Legends and Legends II (more or less the same series) but by the time of MUA1, the formula felt a bit worn, so I never tried MUA2.

    Seems a bit strange that they partnered with just Nintendo for this, given how big the Marvel films are at the moment. Still, hope it does well.

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