Neymar Skipped Soccer's Most Prestigious Awards To Play Call Of Duty

The Ballon d’Or is the most prestigious award in world football, given each year to the player deemed by journalists to have been the best on the planet. Perhaps sensing that he was nowhere near winning it in 2018, Brazilian superstar Neymar didn’t even show up to this year’s event, instead spending the night playing Call of Duty on Twitch.

Sure, it’s a little sulky; plenty of other players who weren’t going to win were still in attendance. And it’s not like he had to travel far; the awards were held in Paris, which just happens to be where Neymar lives.

But then, it’s also the middle of the season, and if you know you aren’t walking away with a prize - and everyone knew Neymar was nowhere near it this year - why bother? Messi and Ronaldo, who between them have won the last ten Ballon d’Ors, knew they weren’t winning and didn’t show either.

For the record, Croatia’s Luka Modrić won, with Aston Villa’s Alan Hutton leaving his miracle goal against Birmingham City too late to influence voters.


    When someone who dives around and pulls theatrics like he does... good.

    Look how closely he studies the animations in COD. Obviously looking at how the characters react to getting shot in the hope of picking up a few new moves for the next time somebody touches (or just casually wanders past) him on the pitch.

    The fact that Messi and Ronaldo didn't show is a bit pathetic. They expect everyone else there for their own vanity parades but snub the award when someone breaks their 10 year cycle.

    I hope those with voting keep that in mind for future years.

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