Niantic: Pokemon GO Trainer Battles 'Coming Soon', CP-Limited Battle Leagues Revealed

Image: Niantic

If Pokemon GO's gym battles aren't quite your thing, but you've been itching from some old-fashioned, trainer-on-trainer fighting, then the latest news from Niantic should pique your interest. Not only are "Trainer Battles" on their way, they'll be coupled with so-called "Battle Leagues" with CP caps, allowing every Pokemon in your collection a chance to shine.

Earlier today, the official Twitter account for Pokemon GO released a series of teasers relating to the upcoming Trainer Battles, starting with this:

And culminating here:

Rather than just leave players hanging, the account continued to release snippets of information regarding the new mode.

For instance, Trainer Battles will feature three leagues — Great, Master and Ultra — with the main point of difference being the CP cap.

Image: Niantic

According to Niantic, the CP caps should "create an experience that everyone can enjoy", while allowing "different kinds of Pokemon [to] show their strengths".

Sadly, a release date wasn't among the tweets, but given the influx of new info, I would hazard it's not far away. For now, Niantic recommends players " the Pokemon in your Pokedex and [create] battle parties for each league."

@PokemonGoApp [Twitter, via TechCrunch]


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