Ninja Addresses Fans Who Want The "Old Ninja" 

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If you follow Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, you’re bound to come across those who like the “Old Ninja.” Last week, Ninja addressed the issue and, of course, he did it without profanity but rife with real talk.

Besides these online laments, there are montages of “Old Ninja,” like this and this that showing Ninja’s previous streams.

The first montage clip has racked up 2 million views and 42,000 likes. Comments on both include people saying “Old Ninja is the best” and “Ninja’s cursing was the best part of him” as well as those saying they wanted the same type of energy as before.

Of course, lots of Ninja's fans don’t pine for the “Old Ninja” and enjoy his current streams. However, the seemingly endless calls for the previous iteration has led Ninja to address these complaints:

“I’m the same person, man. I just don’t swear anymore,” said Ninja during the stream.

“So this whole Ninja is hyper, Old Ninja, I want it, get out,” he continued. “Get out of here. I’m the same person, you guys. 2018 can’t handle Old Ninja. Guess what, I can’t handle Old Ninja because the words I used to say and the gaming terms I used to say, they weren’t OK. Alright? I’ve matured.”

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    I look forward to him being tapped to host something big and then someone bringing up the clip of him imitating an Indian accent, or mocking Britney Spears, and then him having to issue a formal apology and step down from the gig and basically have his livelihood affected

    That's how it works now, right?

      In all fairness though, his message is good and like he said, he's matured.

      It also makes sense from a business perspective, he realises his main audience are young kids, by toning down on that sort of language and behaviour, he makes himself more accessible and parents would be less likely to discourage their kids from watching him.

      Toobad we live in the #cancelled generation

        So had James Gunn. So has PewDiePie. So has basically anyone over the past 5 years. Yet people will still get pulled up for the random shit they stayed to try and be funny or edgy or just plain by mistake. Look at the shit Pew gets every chance the Lefty media has. Its all bullshit most of the time just to get clicks.

          Might wanna rethink the pewdiepie example.The white nationalism stuff is current and doesn't look good for him.

          The difference between examples in this is that some people stop being assholes, years later it gets brought up again, and then they slink away. James Gunn was an asshole, years later it was brought up, and he said "Yeah. I was an asshole. I'm sorry about that and I've made sure I've been a better person since." Him being fired by Disney is bullshit. Someone like JonTron doesn't get the same benefit because he hasn't taken any steps to show he's a better person.

          So if Ninja is serious about this stuff, he has to clean up his act, address the issue when it comes up, and let his record speak for itself.

            The white nationalism stuff is current and doesn't look good for him
            What are you on about?

              Lasy week he subbed and was promoting other channels. Those channels happened to be not so good ones.

                It was a single channel he recommended based on the documentary style video the channel had done. Once he was made aware he removed it. He even admitted he should have had someone checking these things.

                Accusing him of being a white nationalist over this is frankly idiotic and makes the jouros look like a joke desperate for clicks.

                Notice the fact there was no report on the 200k he raised for a kids charity in India?

                  Well, using Pewdiepie for clicks works better when they're all aboard the hate train to coordinate with all their 'journalistic integrity'.


                  If you read the article they even threw a Gamergate reference. The article made me laugh and screamed of desperation. Im not even a pewds fan but some journos are desperate when it comes to him lol.

                  So the "death to all jews" signs he got people to hold up some time ago was nothing. He's been called out for using racist slurs in the past, anti-semetic jokes used to be his thing.
                  There is a patern forming. Does that one incident make him a white nationalist, no. I never said it did either. But there is an on going trend of racism and support of it coming from him.

                  I didn't accuse him of being a white nationalist. i said the white nationalism thing doesn't look good for him. He promoted a product connected to neo nazis. That's a bad look. He may have done it out of laziness and ignorance, but that hardly changes it to a good look.

      I've found that, generally speaking, people who apologized about stupid stuff they did and clearly turned over a page /before/ scandal breaks when they get a big position fare better. The exception would be James Gunn, but in his case, it was a very transparent attack motivated by a political agenda so those people would not be satisfied until he was destroyed.

    so ninja tones down his swearing and tries to act alittle more appropriate out of consideration of his younger audience who look up to him and then some people complain and make a youtube video to monitise off this 'controversy'.

    yup, them talented people gotta get dem clicks somehow i guess

    So it has nothing to do with making more money from under-age fans and the sponsors who chase them? I guess that is a form of maturity.

      It has everything to do with that, but is that wrong?

      Wanting to be more politically correct so he keeps making money, its not like he is doing anything malicious to the kids?

      Well it can be both. It is his livelihood after all. Maybe he doesn't want to be an immature dick all his life too.

    I can't help but thin about a Courtney Love quote I heard years ago which went something like, "it's hard to be angry all the time when you take money out of the ATM and see that you still have over a million dollars still in there."

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