One Of Australia’s Greatest RTS’s Is Getting A Fan Remake

One Of Australia’s Greatest RTS’s Is Getting A Fan Remake

After nearly a decade of work, the team behind the open-source OpenRA modding project have revealed that the first public test of something that’s not Red Alert: the Australian post-apocalyptic RTS Krush Kill ‘N Destroy.

It’s not the first time Beam Software’s – the same studio behind the excellent EA Cricket/Ashes Cricket games in the ’90s – Command & Conquer clone has been available. GOG has been selling the first and second game for years, although “due to technical issues” only the second has multiplayer.

So that’s where the OpenRA comes in, or more specifically, the KKnD Remake Team.

Much like OpenRA, the mission is to improve compatibility with modern systems while improving online functionality, modding capabilities, support for a broader range of resolutions and operating systems (like OSX and Linux).

According to an announcement post over the weekend, the fan developers started the project back in 2011. Seven years later, the first alpha of the game’s multiplayer is now finally available (with singleplayer to be implemented in alpha 0.2.0).

If you want to play the remastered singleplayer campaigns when they’re available, you’ll need KKnD 1 and 2 (when that’s worked on) from GOG. Skirmish matches, however, are completely available for free, and the goal is to remaster the audio, soundtracks, tilesets and sprites down the road when support becomes available.

“Running on mobile, console, RaspberryPi or other platforms will be possible if someone wants to maintain the OpenRA ports,” the official FAQ says.

You can see some progress on an alpha version of the game in a video from YouTuber Andre Mohren below. To follow the project and download the multiplayer alpha for Linux, OSX and Windows, as well as links to the sourcecode, head to the official remake page.


  • I honestly had no idea that KKnD was Aussie made but that would explain a lot of the humour in the background of the FMV cut scenes.

    One of those guilty pleasure games and I think you can still get it at GOG.

    • I don’t remember anyone trying to convince me of that. But Dark Reign was better than Total Annihilation 🙂

      I did like KKND though, the artwork was pretty cool for the time.

      • I think it was more Dark Reign and Total Annihilation, because they were very similar structurally. KKnD was more of a C&C clone than TA.

        • Total Annihilation had one of the best cheats in a game ever, you could input a code to make all the characters sing jazz scat.

        • I still haven’t seen an RTS that did what Dark Reign did – let you set the AI behaviour for units. Being able to set a unit to scout (basically explore the map and avoid combat), harass (look for enemy units and attack then run) or seek & destroy was great. They felt like more realistic troops as a result.

          • You have no idea how much this comment means to me. I have been praying and hoping for a game to mimic that excellent game feature and the closest I ever got to it was rise of nations explore button using a scout or other unit. Dark Reign had so many unique features.

  • Ah KKnD and Dark Reign great aussie games. Even though it isn’t Aussie did any one else like Z ? I thought it was a fun game too

    • Personally wasn’t a huge fan of Z but appreciated its contribution and existence to the small niche almost RTS genre.

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