One Of The Switch's Top Sellers Is A Bad Game That Costs $0.01 

This morning, people across the country will unwrap brand new Nintendo Switches. Maybe they’ll open up the eShop and look at the Top Sellers, where they’ll see a selection of the usual suspects: Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, Stardew Valley. And then they’ll see Bouncy Bob.

Bouncy Bob is an unremarkable arcade game in which you control a little dark blob and try to jump on zombies. You jump by pressing the A button and watching a dotted line pendulate from left to right—Bob will jump in whichever direction the line is pointing when you release A. You need to make him hop on enemies, or grab boxes that shoot arrows that kill enemies for you.

I bought it this afternoon - it’s clunky and frustrating and not very fun.

So why is Bouncy Bob the number two game on the Switch eShop on Christmas Day? Because it costs $US0.01, that’s why. I don’t think Bouncy Bob worth your time at all, but it’s hard to beat a price like that, even if you’re Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

One could certainly argue that this is gaming the system—and that Nintendo should revise the Top Sellers list to prevent shovelware from dominating—but hey, at least now you can go buy a bad game for basically nothing.


    Nintendo how far have you fallen from your Golden Seal of Quality

      To be fair, this is an eShop game so it probably doesn't have it.

      That said, the Nintendo Seal of Quality was applied to some absolute trash over the years, so it's not exactly the mark of an actually good game.

      It had nothing to do with the 'gameplay' more that it followed all the rules to be allowed on the system.

      Today those would be stuff like 'gracefully resumes after suspending' etc.

    I've been ranting about this for awhile now. There's a group of mediocre games that are gaming the best seller list every few weeks by dropping their price to virtually nothing. Jesus, eshop, I do not want to buy Astro Bears or Violett, no matter how cheap they are. 100 bad games does not a good game make.

      They need to bring back the rating system.

    Haven't played it yet, but from video footage it looks very decent. Not BAD. You were expecting maybe RDR2 for 1 cent eh?

    You're complaining that it's bad to you.
    Well that's like, your opinion, MAN....

    Nintendo needs to do a better job of showing AAA developer content. i scroll through the list to find something to play and have to go past 500+ "indie" games that look like shit first.

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