Ooh, Fire Emblem Warriors For $30

Ooh, Fire Emblem Warriors For $30

Sometimes, you just want to slice and dice your way through hordes of enemies.

And that’s what Fire Emblem Warriors offers, blending the musou genre with one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises. Some of the staples from the Fire Emblem series have been brought over too: there’s the rock-paper-scissors mechanic for weapons, you’re micromanaging allies between taking over forts, partnerning units to defend key locations, and diversifying your armies as necessary.

Fire Emblem Warriors: The Kotaku Review

Playing Fire Emblem Warriors feels a bit like herding a pack of ravenous lions. Countless enemies clash against heroes in glorious combat that mixes strategy and absurdity. It's occasionally overwhelming but if you can tame the mayhem, the result is beautiful.

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Fire Emblem Warriors will usually set you back more than $60 at retail (or $89.95 through the eShop), but you can grab a physical cartridge today for $30 from Target. Click and Collect is available as well, but you can have it delivered if you don’t mind paying the extra fee.

Since you’ll have to spend $80 to get free delivery, you might as well add a few other things to your cart to make it worth the while. Here’s Uncharted 4 for $24, or Battlefront 2 on PS4 for $15 (here’s the Xbox version), or Assassin’s Creed: Origins (Xbox and PS4) for $25. No Man’s Sky is only $20 on PS4 as well, which isn’t a bad deal.


  • That’s a great price but if you want a Warriors game featuring Nintendo IP then Hyrule Warriors is the way to go IMO.

    • The hyrule warriors switch port is very lazy, but I do love the content. And the music is just perfect.

      But FE:W is mechanically and technically an improvement.

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