Pokémon Go Has Made Rhyperior Too Darn Small

Screenshot: shinichitachi,Screenshot: KingGrimlock

Rhyperior, Rhyhorn’s final form, clocks in at 283kg and 2.13m. This is a big Pocket Monster. That is, except in Pokémon Go, where this Rock Pokémon is small.

Here are the character’s official stats:

Screenshot: Pokemon.com

Which are reflected in Pokémon Go:

This is something fans have noticed and have been pointing out for nearly a month. And yet, the Pocket Monster is still pint-sized.

The folks on r/pokemongo have been chiming in, too:

Screenshot: r/pokemongo
Screenshot: r/pokemongo
Screenshot: r/pokemongo


    I was going to comment about being a bit late to the party but compiling all those tweets must've taken some time, more effort than Ashcraft has put into an article in years.

      I’m truly shocked this comment hasn’t been removed. Kotaku love removing any comment calling them out

        Really? I give low-quality reposted articles crap all the time and honestly can't remember the last time I had a comment removed. Maybe if you complained about the Australian team it'd get removed but they 'generally' do a great job (which is why I'm still here)

          I Feel like half my comments are calling out low effort / reposted articles this year. I haven't noticed any of them removed either. perhaps it's the way people word them :)

    It's now huge! Just today! Hahaha!

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