Roasting The Games Of 2018

Allow me to present my favourite games of the year - by stating one thing I dislike about each of them.

I did some research before making this video. I noticed that “worst games of the year” videos always (always!) get more hits on YouTube than “best games of the year” videos. I surveyed 20 content creators.

On average, a content creator’s “worst games of the year” video gets 157% the views that their “best” video gets. My eyes turned into cartoon dollar signs.

“Maybe I should do a ‘worst games of the year’ video.”

Then I thought, “Negativity sucks. I don’t want to make a video where I just say mean things about bad games the whole time.”

Thus I arrived at the idea of a roast. Come along and listen to me count down my 29 favourite games of the year by blasting the cruellest criticisms I can manage at them.

It turns out that a lot of games that came out this year were so good that it’s genuinely difficult to say anything bad about them. I sure enjoyed the challenge, though.

Except in the case of Celeste. Saying something bad about Celeste felt like stomping a kitten. So I didn’t say anything bad about Celeste.

Celeste is the best game of the year.

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    JUST BE NORMAL FFS. The schtick is not even funny. I got 20 seconds before I couldnt watch anymore.

    Great idea executed like shit.

      He's awesome.
      You are not.

      yep. very grating. who stammers and over pronounces the last syllable of every single word in a video? 50 seconds in was way too long

    Yeah .... 5 minutes of this was enough for me. Sorry Tim. Terrible execution.

    Can someone please explain to Tim how deadpan delivery works. Thanks.

    Oh Tim, I'm sorry but I have to agree. The pacing of this speech is terribly awkward and monotonous. You should drop the "voice acting voice" and just speak normally so you can more easily change in pace and pitch to speak naturally and with emotion.

    I dig Tim's style. 35 min mark has some intense feels.

    You're all wrong, Tim's melodious voice is the best. Don't change a thing.

    Tim's schtick works for me for the Lost in Translation series but is fingernails on chalkboard everywhere else.

    Never change Tim, even if only to continue enraging people on the internet.

    Seems like this comment thread is against the curve. the Youtube comments section is way nicer. Boo-urns to the haters

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